MN Community Gardening

formerly Gardening Matters

Gardening Matters has closed doors

15 years ago Gardening Matters began as a collaboration of three organizations and dozens of community garden leaders to support community gardens and the people who make them happen.

Since then we have seen a huge positive shift in the appreciation of government agencies, corporations and nonprofits in recognizing these community spaces as a benefit to gardeners AND the communities in which they reside.

We are proud to have worked collaboratively to give "gardening" a good name: from fluffy and feel good to one where it is a necessary neighborhood asset.

Together, we have shown how the community garden contributes to community building, healthy food access and food sovereignty, mental health and wellness, and always, connects us to where we come from -- both our heritage and this wonderful planet.

Even while we are closing, the Board of Directors will continue to work with other organizations and agencies to see that the core support services continue, such as garden referrals, and comgar updates. You can reach us at with questions.

We remain committed to making community gardens work for gardeners and the communities in which they reside. If there is information you are looking for, email us and we will put it up here. If there is content you would like to share with others, please email us and we can get it up as well. See below for some of the materials we have already put up!

Keep your eye on COMGAR for updates as we learn more -- and if you are not already signed up, you can do so now by going to e-Democracy, create an account and get on for free.

Remember! Community gardening is 50% gardening and 100% community! Take care of each other and continue to pass the gift of the garden and help others experience its magic to heal, inspire, and empower. There has never been a more urgent time to connect to neighbor and earth.

-- Board of Directors, Gardening Matters (February 2019)

COMGAR Listserve

Click here to join the Community Gardeners Listserve.

The Community Garden Resource Guide

A Community Garden Resource Guide for new gardens and established ones, putting together in one place best practices from across the nation for working together

Other Networking Opportunities

The next evolution of community gardener networking is here

Multiple Benefits of Community Gardens

Evidence-based benefits of community gardens all in one place, pulled together by Gardening Matters

Finding a Community Garden

While we hope another organization will help connect people with gardens there is none at this time. In lieu of this, there are some options

  • Contact your neighborhood organization or City Councilmember to let them know you are interested in a joining a community garden
  • Inquire in the area that you would like to garden -- ideally the closer the better. You'll want to make it as easy as possible to visit daily or every other day.
  • Ask via COMGAR -- the community garden listserve -- instructions on webpage.

We'll announce any new opportunities to join a garden here and via COMGAR.