Official MMTL Summer League Rules


  1. Regular season matches will be played best of 3 full sets, with a 7 point tiebreak to be played if the score reaches 6-6 in any given set. However, players can choose to play the 3rd 10-point tie break as long as both agreed. Final score for the 3rd should be entered as 1-0.
  2. The League will provide the list of league participants and provide their contact information for purposes of scheduling matches; however, players are responsible of scheduling the actual venue and match date.
  3. Each player brings a new can of tennis balls. The winner keeps the new can and the loser takes the used can.
  4. If a player decides to retire in the middle of a match, he shall forfeit the match and will receive points based on the results of the best two sets played up to the point where the player decides to retire or default the remaining set and match. Once the decision to retire has been made and accepted by the opposing player, the match is considered complete and the winning player will be awarded the full 15 points.
  5. Sportsmanship, fair play and fun shall be observed at all times.
  6. The winning player is responsible for reporting and entering the match scores.
  7. All scores should be reported within 48 hours after completion of the match.


  1. Players should make at least two attempts to contact and schedule their matches via e-mail and/or phone no later than the week of the scheduled match. If for any reason the player initiating the scheduling does not get any response from his scheduled opponent after two attempts, the player shall inform the MMTL, who will attempt to facilitate the match scheduling by contacting the non-responsive player.
  2. A player is allowed to default a maximum of two matches. If a player defaults a third time, he will be declared in default of all the remaining matches and removed from future play and points will be awarded to the remaining players based on the 15 point rating system guidelines (See Section G on the 15 point system).


  1. A player will be considered in default of a match if he does not show up during the appointed scheduled match date and does not notify their opponent and the MMTL of his or her intention to not show up at least 24 hours before the scheduled match.
  2. A player can also claim a win via default if they follow the procedure described below:
  3. The contacting player sends a request to schedule a match with the scheduled opponent no later than the beginning of the week of the scheduled match
  4. If the opponent does not respond by the end of the week of their scheduled match, the contacting player notifies the MMTL of their attempt to contact the player and requests the MMTL to either intervene in the scheduling of the match or be awarded the win via default (The MMTL may request the contacting player to furnish proof of the player’s attempt to contact the player)
  5. The MMTL will attempt to contact the opponent in behalf of the contacting player and schedule the match between both players. Note that the player who first initiates contact will be given preference for purposes of scheduling matches.
  6. If the MMTL is not successful in rescheduling the match, full points will be awarded to the contacting player and declare the other player in default subject to review of the circumstances.


  1. Players will be rated on both points and matches won using the 15 point system (see details on how the 15 point system works).
  2. At the end of the tournament, the top 1 player in terms of points won in each flight will advance to the playoffs.
  3. In the event of ties in terms of points won, the top player will be determined in the order of win percentage, sets lost and games lost. Wild cards will also be awarded based on points and be made available to players based on availability of playoff slots.
  4. All points earned during the league tournament will carry over to the next League tournament and used to determine player ranking and seeding for the next League tournament (if applicable).
  5. Points will be calculated based on the player results over the last 8 MMTL matches played within a 12 month period (if applicable).


  1. Playoff matches will be played on a best of 3 sets but with the 3rd set to be played as a 10 point tiebreaker
  2. Matches will be played as scheduled. Players that arrive late for the match will lose 2 games for every 10 minutes they arrive late. However, this rule can be waived if both players agree to play the match without penalty to the tardy player.
  3. The player will be considered in default of the match if they arrive more than 30 minutes late unless both players agree otherwise.


  1. In general players are allowed to play at the level that reflects their current USTA and/or previous MMTL rating. However, a player may opt to play one level higher than their current rating if they meet any of the following criteria:
    1. Players who reach the semifinals (or better) of the MMTL playoffs in the previous year in their current level.
    2. Players who win their respective MMTL flight in the prior years
    3. Players whose USTA rating is upgraded prior to the start of the MMTL tournament.
  2. For first time MMTL participants with no established USTA rating, the MMTL will schedule a practice session to assist the player in determining the appropriate playing level for the participant.
  3. A returning player can be demoted to a lower level only if they were previously playing at a level above their current rating and they finish last in their flight.


  1. Winning player, regardless of score, will receive 15 points.
  2. Losing player will receive points based on the best two sets in the match played. For example, a player who loses 6-4, 6-7, 6-2 will receive 11 points.
  3. Rankings and points will be updated daily.
  4. Should a player be called in default of a match due to a no-show, the winning player will be awarded the full 15 points. The defaulting player will not be awarded any points. (See Section C regarding rules on defaulting matches).