About Us

Our goal is to promote the game of tennis through the organization, development and management of tennis league tournaments, mixers and other tennis related activities. This vision is what brought us together from various parts of Southeast Michigan to create the Midwest Metro Tennis League (MMTL). In less than 12 months since its inception in 2007, participation in MMTL organized events has reached over 100 participants across Southeast Michigan.

League Coordinators

Cliff Obsum - a 3.5S USTA rated player (finally granted to be rated down by USTA) used to captain a 4.0 USTA singles team during fall and winter out of YMCA-Livonia. He is responsible for the website, and manages the central and west divisions

Al Suan - a 3.5 USTA rated player and used to captain a number of USTA teams. He once captained a 3.0 team that went all the way to Nationals. He was mostly responsible for marketing and recruiting players. He passed away on April 4, 2022.