Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does the league work?

The league will provide basic schedule for the players for the entire regular season. Each player will have a scheduled opponent each week, and will be given 2 weeks to complete their scheduled match.

2) How to contact my opponent?

The league will provide the list of players in respective flights with their phone numbers and e-mails.

3) How to schedule a match?

The league will let the players take the initiative to contact their opponents to schedule their match in mutually agreed place, date, and time. You can always play your match ahead of your schedule as long as your opponents agree.

4) What to bring in a match?

Besides from your tennis equipments, water, and energy bars, each player MUST bring a new can of ball to the match. At the end of the match, the winner will keep the unopened can of balls, and the loser will keep the used balls.

5) How many matches are there in a regular season?

Eight matches is the minimum. Regular season matches will be played best of 3 sets, with a 7 point tiebreak to be played if the score reaches 6-6 in any given set.

6) After the regular season, what's next?

The top 1 players from each flight will be invited to play in the playoffs to play against other top players of the same level from other divisions (East, West, Central).

7) What happens in the playoffs?

The playoffs and championship rounds will be held in a single location in one weekend (usually the first or second weekend of October). For the last few years, the MMTL playoffs had been holding it in Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield.

8) How much does it cost?

For the regular season, a one time registration fee of $25 is required. In the playoffs and championship rounds, $20. (The cost could change in the discretion of the coordinators).

9) What are the skill levels available?

There will be 3 skill levels: Level B, Level A, and Level AA.

Level B are the players with USTA rating of 3.0; Level A with USTA rating of 3.5; and Level AA with USTA rating of 4.0 and above.

10) Can the player play above his USTA rating?

The league encourages the players to play in their USTA rating to promote fair competitiveness; however, if the player had participated in previous MMTL Playoffs, then the player can choose to play in the next level even though his USTA rating stays the same.

11) Can the player play in two levels?

Yes, but only for those previous players who won their respective flights and were semi-finalists.

12) What if the player doesn't have a USTA rating?

Please e-mail mmtleague@yahoo.com, and one of the coordinators will see you and assess your skill level. You can also follow this link from usta.com to self rate: USTA Rating General Characteristics

13) Can the player choose to play in different division even though he doesn't live in that area?

The player can choose what division to play in as long as that division is more convenient for the player to schedule and play his match.

14) Is MMTL affiliated with USTA?