Mizuho Koike

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Thank you for visiting this website. I am a geo-cosmochemist. My research interest is origin & evolution of planetary surface system, especially (1) Mars: water and habitable history, (2) Asteroids: formation and collisions, and (3) early Earth environments.

In technical aspect, I mainly use secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS), SEM, EPMA, FIB, and noble gas mass spectrometry.

Here are Recent Research Highlights

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Keywords: Mars, asteroids, meteorites, geochemistry, radiometric chronology, NanoSIMS, volatiles

Email to: mizuhokoike.0 [AT] gmail.com

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News & Topics

  • 2021.4: New undergraduate students have joined our lab.

  • 2020.5: Publications and Profile (affiliation) were updated.

  • 2020.05: Moved from ISAS, JAXA to Hiroshima University.

  • 2018.11: Publications and Profile (affiliation) were updated.

  • 2018.04: This site was opened.