Mizuho Koike

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I am a geo/cosmo-chemist, who is interested in origins, evolutions and distributions of volatiles (e.g. H2O, halogens and noble gases) among terrestrial planets and asteroids. My research focuses on chronology / geochemistry / mineralogy of extraterrestrial materials.

During my M.S and Ph.D courses, I studied (1) Hydrogen isotopic compositions of past and present water reservoirs on Mars, using NanoSIMS 50 in-situ analyses of D/H ratio and U-Pb chronology in apatite and merrillite from Martian meteorites (Koike et al., 2014; 2016 Geochem. J).

I have also worked with (2) Noble gas isotopic compositions of Mars atmosphere, extracted by stepwise heating and vacuum crushing analyses of bulk Martian meteorites (Koike et al., 2017, abstr.).

In addition, I also studied (3) Thermal & impact history of Vesta/ Vesta-like protoplanets, by using NanoSIMS in-situ U-Pb & Hf-W dating of certain minerals in achondrites (Koike et al., 2017 GRL; 2018 Ph.D thesis).

Keywords: Mars, Asteroids, Origins and Evolutions of Volatiles, Meteorites, NanoSIMS 50, chronology, D/H ratio, noble gas

Email to: mizuhokoike.0 [AT] gmail.com

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  • 2018.11: Publications and Profile (affiliation) were updated.
  • 2018.08: Moved from ELSI, Tokyo Tech to ISAS, JAXA.
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