Data Resources

MIT has many data resources available that may be useful to members of the community who are exploring MIT's first year experience. A sample of some of the publicly available data are linked on this page.

MIT Surveys

Institutional Research in the Office of the Provost routinely invites segments of the MIT community to respond to surveys addressing a wide range of issues. Recent surveys are available for review, with overall results for a sample of these surveys at or the sponsoring survey office.

The list of surveys and the topics they cover include:

  • Survey of New Students (First Year Undergrads): expectations of the college experience, secondary school experiences, degree goals and career plans, college finances, attitudes, values, and life goals, and reasons for attending college.
  • Undergraduate Enrolled Student Survey: activities in and out of the classroom, student perceptions about how their skills and abilities have changed since enrolling at MIT, and their sources of advice about academic, career, and personal choices.
  • Undergraduate Senior Survey: students describe their plans after college, to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of their education, to indicate how their abilities changed since enrolling at MIT, and how they financed their education.
  • Student Quality of Life Survey: a broad survey to understand the environment at MIT and factors that affect a student's ability to have a fulfilling and productive academic and personal life.
  • Future of MIT Education Surveys (2014): administered for the Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education to ask about educational values and principles; teaching, advising, and research practices; use of educational technologies; and faculty-student interaction.
  • MIT Libraries Survey: survey to improve collections and services, and to anticipate emerging needs of MIT faculty, students, and staff.
  • Graduating Student Survey: annual exit survey by MIT Global Education & Career Development to capture first destination information on employment, salaries, graduate schools and more.
  • Survey of Parents of Undergraduates: parent perspectives on their child's college experience, the usefulness of information MIT sends to parents, satisfaction with various aspects of MIT, how they finance an MIT education, and perceptions of their child's abilities.
  • Survey of Undergraduate Alumni: evaluation of MIT education, jobs and careers, connection to MIT, current life.
  • Recent Alumni Survey: "check-in" survey to ask alumni how their academic and professional development is progressing 3-6 years after graduation
  • MIT Maker Survey: a survey to inform the design of the Met Makerspace