Designing the First Year Final Presentations

The Designing the First Year Final Presentations were held on Monday, May 14, 2018 in 26-100. The slides from each team are linked below, and video clips will be posted here as they become available. Do you have any comments or ideas to share after reviewing the presentations? Submit them on or by email to

Restaurants of MIT

Ben Gray, Hailey Nichols, Kate Weishaar would like “to give freshmen more flexibility and opportunity to explore their academic interests in their first year by reducing the rigidity of the science GIRs by changing the grading system and using alternative class formats like fusion classes, sampler classes, and takeout classes.”

Freshmen Research Opportunities (FROP)

David Rich, Emily Zhu and Mihir Trivedi want “to give first-years an opportunity to explore academic interests by encouraging experiential learning using a structured research program directed at first-years.”

First Year Major Exploration

Amber VanHemel, Andrea Meister, David Ricardo, Gabriel Ginorio, Katie Shade, and Phillip Ou want “to enable students to feel informed when choosing a major and explore MIT during the first year in a way that inspires them.”

MIT Explorer Site

Erick Friis, Coral Bays-Muchmore, Shane Lyons, Ariela Slutsky and Daniel Gonzalez have identified how “to help students discover new passions and plan their commitments in a single application.”

Exploring Student Activities

Kelsey Becker and Stephanie Nuñes Dominguez are recommending “a system that enables new students to find communities that will enrich learning and create lifelong connections.”

MIT Exploration Seminar Series

Dextina Booker, Elysa Kohrs, Tanner Reid and Doug Shin desire “want to encourage and enable first year students to be better able to explore the institute’s offerings, especially academic offerings, and be intentional about what they decide to do and study at MIT.”

The Axioms

Rachael Thompson, Herng Yi Cheng, Max Evans and Cameron Ordone have identified “ways to fulfill the underlying needs of first-year students, by evaluating how every program or practice at MIT currently serves student goals and fulfills MIT's mission, and reimagining - from first principles - how those objectives could be better served.”

The Future of MIT Advising

Hem Chaudhary, Sharlene Chiu, Greta Farrell, Stephen Filippone, James Li, Nicole Moody, Reva Ranka, Kaymie Shiozawa, Megan Thai and Olivia Yao want to “empower students to shape their relationships with advisors and to support advisors in fulfilling their responsibilities.”

Enhanced Advising

Alexis Oriole, Camille Stubbe and Jeanie Pearson indicate “in a world where a good mentor can influence one’s path through life, we want MIT students to form meaningful relationships with their advisors and receive the guidance they need.”

Engaging GIRs

Emma Bingham, Mike Winer, Mo Eltahir and Becca McCabe recommend making “the first year more engaging by reconsidering the purpose, format, content, and structure of the science GIRs [physics (8.01x and 8.02x), calculus (18.01x and 18.02x), chemistry (5.111x or 3.091), and biology (7.01x)].”

Revamping Communications Requirement

Dancy Fu, Miki Hansen, Anthony Hernandez and Jackie Lin hope to “Redesign first year CI classes to better teach communication skills - both oral and written - in order to prepare students to better articulate their ideas at MIT, in industry, and beyond.”