Digital Learning & Teaching

I am a massive fan of using technology in the classroom to support the learning and teaching of all pupils. I am lucky enough to be part of Team MIEE Scotland as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert which is a community of likeminded educators with an interest in digital technology. 

Technology can be valuable to all, but to some it is vital!

Digital Learning and Teaching Resources

Have a look below at some of my resources for digital learning and teaching.

Immersive Reader Quick Guide.pdf

Microsoft Immersive Reader Guide

Immersive Reader can improve reading skills and comprehension through the use of the Read Aloud function and grammar options to adjustable reading and text preferences. 

Translate Quick Guide.pdf

Microsoft Translate Guide

Microsoft Translator helps bridge communication gaps and is good for Modern Languages Students to practice speaking fluently. 

Office Lens Quick Guide.pdf

Microsoft Office Lens Guide

Office Lens is an app by Microsoft that captures notes and information from whiteboards, menus, signs, handwritten memos, or anything with a lot of text. 

Speech to Text Quick Guide.pdf

Microsoft Speech to Text Guide

Dictation lets you use speech-to-text to author content in Office with a microphone and reliable internet connection. 

Live Captions Quick Guide.pdf

Microsoft Live Captions Guide

Microsoft provides live captioning and subtilties, including translated subtitles. Many languages are supported, including English. 

Accessibility Tools Presentation.pdf

Digital Tools for Accessibility Presentation

These are some of the digital accessibility tools explained in a presentation I have delivered.

Reflect Quick Guide.pdf

Microsoft Reflect Guide

Use emojis and illustrated representations of emotion words to share your personal experience with teachers.

Reading Coach Quick Guide.pdf

Reading Coach Guide

Reading Coach provides students with personalized and independent practice of words that Reading Progress identifies a student has mispronounced.

Search Progress Quick Guide.pdf

Search Progress Guide

Students receive real-time search query coaching, reliability ratings, and interactive filtering support that helps them learn to discern fact from fiction on the web.

Speaker Coach Quick Guide (1).pdf

Speaker Coach Guide

Speaker coach evaluates your pacing, pitch, your use of filler words, informal speech, euphemisms, and culturally sensitive terms.

Planner Quick Guide.pdf

Planner Guide

Planner  allows you to work on group tasks and see what progress others have made. 

Math Solver Quick Guide.pdf

Math Solver Guide

Math Solver helps you solve any mathematical problem and shows you step-by-step solutions. 

To Do Quick Guide.pdf

To Do App Guide

Microsoft To Do is a cloud-based app for task management. You can use it as a daily planner or professional task manager.


Microsoft Flip Guide

Microsoft Flip is a video discussion and sharing app that is free 


Microsoft Editor Guide

Microsoft Editor can help students improve their writing skills and communicate more effectively. It can also help teachers grade papers more efficiently by identifying common errors and suggesting corrections

Class Notebook Quick Guide.pdf

Class Notebook Guide

OneNote Class Notebook is a digital notebook that allows teachers to organize and manage their lesson plans, course content, and student work in one place.

Edge Browser.pdf

Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge provides a comprehensive suite of tools that can unlock your creativity, promote teamwork, and provide a safe experience for education. 

Bing Chat.pdf

Bing Chat

Bing Chat is built into the Microsoft Edge sidebar where you can ask complex questions, find comprehensive answers and get summarized information.

Reading Progress Quick Guide.pdf

Reading Progress

Reading Progress is a free tool built into Microsoft Teams designed to support and track reading fluency in your class.

Onenote Desktop.pdf

OneNote Desktop

OneNote desktop lets you capture and embed web content, audio, and video to create interactive lessons for students.

Search Coach Quick Guide.pdf

Search Coach

Search Coach is a free tool that helps develop information literacy skills. 

PPT New Features.pdf

PowerPoint Latest Features

Create powerful lesson plans and presentations with media, charts, design help, and more.

Word New Features.pdf

Word Latest Features

Microsoft Word helps educators create, edit and share documents with their students.



Microsoft Stream is a video management service that lets you organize, create, store, share, and view videos.


Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop is a co-creation app that lets you and your team work together across your apps and devices using components, pages, and workspaces.

Minecraft EDU.pdf

Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education is a game-based platform that inspires creative and inclusive learning through play.



Classwork is a one-stop shop to create and organize class resources, including Assignments, OneNote Class Notebook pages, web links, files, and Teams channels.

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