Published Research

My research can be found on my Google Citations page or my page. I'd be delighted to share copies of any research listed below - just email me! All my publications are listed chronically on my Curriculum Vitae. All photos are my own.

Select areas of research

Gender stereotypes

  • Holman, Mirya R., Jennifer Merolla, Elizabeth Zechmeister, and Ding Wang. “Terrorism, Gender, and the 2016 Presidential Election.” Accepted for publication in Electoral Studies.
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Local Leadership

  • Holman, Mirya R. 2015. Women in Politics in the American City. Temple University Press.
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Religion and Politics

  • Holman, Mirya R. and Erica Podrazik. 2018. “Gender and Religiosity in the United States.” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228637.013.686
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Political Ambition

  • Shames, Shauna, Rachel Bernhard, Mirya R. Holman, and Dawn Teele. Good Reasons to Run. Edited volume under contract at Temple University Press. Expected publication, spring 2020.
  • Holman, Mirya R. and Monica C. Schneider. 2018. “Gender, race, and political ambition: How intersectionality and frames influence interest in political office.” Politics, Groups & Identities 6(2): 268-280.
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Gender & Political Campaigns

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Gender & Diversity

  • Barnes, Tiffany, and Mirya R. Holman. “Gender Quotas, Women's Representation, and Legislative Diversity.” Conditionally accepted for publication at Journal of Politics.
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