The photographs of the megaron of the Minoan Palace of Hagia Triada have been taken by the author.


Hurrians and Hurrian in Minoan Crete: Text, bibliography, maps, appendices

In this monograph the author has reviewed several attempts to decipher the script of Minoan Linear A and has concluded that none could be accepted as presenting consistent phonological, morphological and syntactical evidence, necessary in the case of decipherment of a script, if the idiom written with it is unknown. Using phonological and morphological evidence he has shown by linguistic methods that Linear A reflects the notation of an idiom with very specific phonological features and with a morphology of agglutinative character. This idiom has been identified as a Hurrian dialect that can be described as Minoan-Hurrian. The new revised and extended edition of The decipherment of Minoan Linear A offers irrefutable linguistic evidence showing that the idiom written with Minoan Linear A can be nothing else than a Minoan branch of the Hurrian language.


E. Neu’s publication of the Hurrian-Hittite bilingual Kirenze (KBo 32) has offered a great contribution to Hurrian studies. I. Wegner completely revised her Hurrian grammar, Einführung in die hurritische Sprache (Wiesbaden 2007). This work and two important publications by Th. Richter, Bibliographisches Glossar des Hurritischen (Wiesbaden 2012) and Vorarbeiten zu einem hurritischen Namenbuch  (Wiesbaden 2016) made a revision of the 2016 edition of Minoan Linear A, Volume I: Hurrians and Hurrian in Minoan Crete, inevitable, since it was largely based on studies of the pre-Kirenze period. These works also contained so much more elaborate grammatical evidence and better understanding of lexical terms, that they offered a great opportunity to improve the Hurrian identifications of Linear A sequences and to triple the number of identifications.

Consequently the quantity and quality of the evidence make it now justifiable to officially announce the decipherment of the idiom of Minoan Linear A as Hurrian. The 2016 edition of Volume I consisted of two parts. The 2022 edition of Volume I has grown  to six parts. The title of Minoan Linear A, Volume I, has changed to The decipherment of Minoan Linear A: Hurrians and Hurrian in Minoan Crete.

ISBN: 9789083275406

Author: Peter G. van Soesbergen

Publisher: Peter G. van Soesbergen

Pub date: 14 Sep 2022

Edition: Third completely revised and extended edition

Language: English

Number of pages: 512

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