MinneSLIFE, a Standing Committee of MinneTESOL, is dedicated to supporting Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) and all who work with them: teachers, researchers, counselors, advocates, and community members.

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Here is the legal definition of SLIFE in Minnesota, which is part of the LEAPS Act of 2014:

An English learner with limited formal schooling is defined as a student who:

  • comes from a home where the language usually spoken is other than English, or usually speaks a language other than English
  • enters school in the United States after grade 6
  • has at least two years less schooling than the English learner's peers
  • functions at least two years below expected grade level in reading and mathematics
  • may be preliterate in the English learner's native language (HF 3062, 2014).
MinneSLIFE Statement in Support of Immigrant and Refugee Families 2017.pdf