The challenges faced by SLIFE can be substantial as they fight to acquire both the content and language of US Schools. Unfortunately the unique needs and assets of these students are often ignored with disastrous results.

MinneSLIFE is a standing committee within MinneTESOL, the MN State affiliate of TESOL International. Our purpose is to provide a venue for community members, educators and researchers of students of all ages with limited or interrupted formal education to share research, resources and best practices to meet the needs of this specific population. Another goal of this committee is to discuss ways to advocate for SLIFE and propose changes to current federal, state, and district policies and practices affecting them.

In its first year, 2013, MinneSLIFE held regular meetings and launched a mini-conference, with assistance from the MInneTESOL Elementary Interest Section. It was attended by more than 100 educators in its first year. MinneSLIFE has organized subsequent spring conferences every year since. Members of MinneSLIFE worked closely with the MinneTESOL Advocacy Committee to bring EL and SLIFE issues to the attention of Minnesota state legislators.


MinneSLIFE is a small but growing grass roots organization run by volunteers dedicated to seeing progress made in serving local SLIFE students. MinneSLIFE operates on a highly democratic basis and would not be possible without the generous amount of time given by all who come to meetings, talk about SLIFE issues with colleagues, advocate and plan for the future.

All are welcome to join this group and we appreciate anyone who is willing to contribute time in any way possible. If you are interested in participating, attending meetings, or offering leadership please contact MinneSLIFE@gmail.com.