There are some tax returns that we cannot assist you with

Although our tax counselors are trained to do the vast majority of tax returns, some taxpayers have situations that we are not trained to handle in a way that is most advantageous to you. If you have any of these situations, they are considered out-of-scope for us and we will not be able to prepare your tax return, even if this site has done so in the past. If you have a question about whether your return is out-of-scope, ask a volunteer so that you do not have an unnecessary wait. Please do not ask that a volunteer make an exception in your case.

Below is a comprehensive list of returns that we are unable to do. Click on the box with the arrow, in the upper right-hand corner, to enlarge the list and print it. The most common out-of-scope situations are as follows:

  • Married taxpayers who wish to file separately

  • People who divorced during the tax year

  • People who must file a tax return for a State other than WI

  • People with a business that had a net loss, expenses exceeding $20,000, any employee expenses, or itemized auto expenses (standard mileage expenses are okay).

  • Any rental real estate income or expenses (except for land rental only)

  • Cancellation of a home mortgage debt

  • Archer MSA or Medicare Advantage Accounts

  • Some income reported on a K-1 form

  • Itemized deductions that include casualty losses

  • For TY 2020/21: many of the provisions of legislation intended to to give pandemic relief are out of scope for us. Check the end of the below document

AARP OOS.docx.pdf