Administrator Academies

1818 Technology Trends in Education

This course will assist administrators exploring the latest in technology trends for improving instruction and student achievement. Participants will engage in a global analysis of their district/school’s past and current technology implementation program(s). They then will explore technological trends in order to develop an implementation plan for future improvement. How can administrators become more active leaders in the area of technology integration? Participants will develop a better understanding of the changing educational landscape and how they can address their role as a proactive leader of educational technology.

An Administrator’s Guide to Your District’s Technology Department

Do you want a better understanding of the day to day life of your district's technology department this is the workshop for you. You will explore the options for staffing and organizing a district technology department. Participants will get an understanding of needed security measures a District must undergo to protect the district and its student’s data. You will dive into technology finance to get an understanding of the budgetary needs of a technology department along with getting a general understanding of E-Rate. When you leave this workshop you will have the needed information to have meaningful conversations with your technology departments to move your district forward. Participants should bring or know how to access your district's organization chart, SOPPA agreements, and technology plan if you have one.