Exploring the World Through Virtual Reality

Remember a time when we thought Virtual Reality was something that would happen in the future? Well that future is now. Gone are the days where we thought it would cost millions of dollars and computers the size of a room to transport us into the virtual realm. Now it only costs a few bucks and a cell phone. We will take a look at several tools (Such as Google Cardboard), apps (Such as Expeditions and CoSpace), and websites (such as RoundMe) that we as educators can use to take our students to places they never thought they could go before. We will also look at some other technology that is making its way into schools to make virtual learning even more hands on.

Wait! There is More to GOOGLE Than Searching and Typing Papers

For years Google was only thought of as a search engine. Then people have looked at them for more with the integration of Google Apps. But did you know there is so much more to Google then just searching and typing? Come and take a look at some of the lesser known tools that Google can offer you. These tools can be used in multiple subject areas and for all age groups. This session will open your teaching toolbox to some wonderful tools to bring back to the classroom tomorrow.

VR is Becoming a Reality in Schools

Ignite Session: Over the past few years Virtual Reality (VR) has grown in popularity in schools due to Google Cardboard. But the question is where do we go from here? Lets take a look at where VR is going, how to make students consumers of VR content, and more importantly creators. And we will hit on the most important question of all, WHY should be we using VR in the classroom.

1818 Technology Trends in Education

This course will assist administrators exploring the latest in technology trends for improving instruction and student achievement. Participants will engage in a global analysis of their district/school’s past and current technology implementation program(s). They then will explore technological trends in order to develop an implementation plan for future improvement. How can administrators become more active leaders in the area of technology integration? Participants will develop a better understanding of the changing educational landscape and how they can address their role as a proactive leader of educational technology.