Mihaela GIRTAN

Associate Prof. Dr. Hab. in Physics

Coordinator of the research activity

Thin films for photovoltaic applications

Angers University, France

Physics Department/ Photonics Laboratory

2, Bd. Lavoisier, 49045 Angers, France

Tel. (+33) 02 41 73 53 59

e-mail: mihaela.girtan&univ-angers.fr

Mihaela GIRTAN is Associate Professor of Solid State Physics and Materials Science at the University of Angers and head of the group Thin films for photovoltaic applications at Photonics Laboratory, Angers since 2005.

The research interests of Ass. Prof. Mihaela Girtan cover several aspects of thin films, physical and chemical deposition methods, solar cell technology and optoelectronic devices, including charge transport in oxides and conducting polymers, electrical conductivity and photoconductivity measurements, organic and hybrid solar cells, organic transistors, transparent conducting thin films, structural, morphological, electrical and optical properties of thin films, plasmonics, transport phenomena in low dimensional structures, heat transfer phenomena and fluid dynamics numerical simulations.

Mihaela Girtan published, one book, two book chapters and more than 80 scientific papers in materials, photonics, photovoltaics and energy materials area. She has delivered more than 150 lectures in national/international meetings in over 15 countries. She has coordinated several national and international research projects, she is associate member of: the Academy of Science, Belle-Letters and Arts, Angers, member of different scientific societies, outstanding reviewer of Thin Solid Films, member and chairperson of different international conferences, member of different expertise and jury committees.