Additional Resources

Additional Funding Opportunities

Whole Kids Foundation School Garden & Bee Programs Grants. Deadline Oct. 15, 2019

Florida Association for Water Quality Control E2 Fund. Deadline - October 2019

E2 Energy to Educate grant program. Deadline October 2019

Teacher Innovation Grants. Deadline - November 22, 2019 (For Broward School Teachers)

Ideas with IMPACT Grants. - Deadline - December 2, 2019

Captain Planet Foundation EcoGrants. Deadline - Various dates (according to type of grant)

The President's Environmental Youth Awards (PEYA). Deadline - January 15, 2020

The Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators (PIAEE). Deadline - January 15, 2020

Happening in your Community

  • Garden to Cafeteria Toolkit is provided by a partnership between Whole Kids Foundation and Slow Food USA to help school district food services safely bring school garden produce onto the lunch line!
  • FPL Energy Curriculum (View interactive map of local solar stations to learn about solar energy production and environmental benefits. Link to clean energy instructional courses and curriculum materials are provided for science teachers.)
  • PepsiCo Recycling (View recycling resources and tools. Join the Recycle Rally competition for awards and prizes.)
  • Connect to Protect (Become a member as a school and get free pine rockland plants. All members have the opportunity to act as citizen scientists, providing information to improve local conservation initiatives.)
  • Green Apple Day of Service (Create a project to engage your community in environmental sustainability initiatives. A project should make measurable change on one or more of the three pillars of a green school: environmental impact, health and wellness, and environmental and sustainability literacy.)
  • National Energy Education Development Project (View resources for students and a curriculum that provides comprehensive, objective information and activities on the energy sources -renewable and nonrenewable- that fuel our country, including each of their economic and environmental impacts.)
  • Action for Nature (View environmentally-friendly educational resources, green degrees, career paths and top paying green careers.)
  • Volunteering opportunities in 2019-2020 (Help to restore environmentally sensitive lands in Miami-Dade County and earn Community Service Hours.)
  • Walk to School Day 2019 (Walking and bicycling events bring schools and communities together for a common purpose - saving the nature, feeling connected with their community, enjoying one another’s company without the usual distractions.)
  • Nature Adventure Tours at the Environmental Center at Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus (Take your students to Nature Adventure Tours for a fun, hands-on, environmentally-based field trip in our nine-acre nature preserve. All programs follow the Sunshine State Science Standards. Booking form.)
  • Baynanza Design Contest 2020 (Miami-Dade County and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens invites all Miami-Dade County elementary, middle and high school students to participate in the design contest for Baynanza 2020.)

Have any more resources or events to share with others? Please contact us to add opportunities to this page.