The Eco-Summit is an optional activity that gives students the opportunity to share the green initiatives they implemented during the year at a school-wide level.

Participation in the Eco-Summit helps students:

  • Gain confidence in sharing the green message with a larger audience
  • Actively engage in their role as young community leaders, capable of articulating and building consensus around their vision for the future
  • Demonstrate their ability to make informed decisions about environmental issues through research, analysis and creative thinking
  • Improve communication skills and gain self-confidence through public speaking
  • Share stories, exchange ideas, and connect with other like-minded students

Eco-Summit Objectives:

  • Work with students to foster civic responsibility
  • Facilitate discussion with others about sustainable solutions for environmental challenges


The Eco-Summit should be held in April. Activities can include an opening and closing ceremony, a showcase of green exhibits or a series of panel discussions by local professionals based on any of the six core topics of the program.

Step 1: Planning

Take at least one to two weeks to plan the event. Below are some ideas to host a successful summit:

· Table Exhibit: display projects, posters and pictures created by students. The table exhibit creates a space for interaction with visitors.

· Art Exhibit: Display art projects. The artwork should educate students, school staff and other visitors about an environmental issue.

· Presentation: Prepare a presentation about what the Green Team accomplished during the school year. It could be a PowerPoint, video, speech or poster exhibit.

· Eco-Fashion Show: Create environmentally friendly fashion by re-purposing waste items and put on a fashion show at your school.

· Song/Dance/Poetry: Use song, dance or poetry to creatively communicate an environmental message. Encourage students to work together to create a skit or eco-performance.

Step 2: Invite the community

Invite the entire school body, parents, family members, neighbors and community leaders to attend. The purpose of the Eco-Summit is to spread the sustainability message to a larger audience.

Step 3: Document the event

Post pictures and video on social media. Be sure to tag Dream in Green to share with us your event. Send us highlights on how many people attended, stand-out moments, and general feedback students received. Don't forget to invite DIG staff to attend event!