Teaching Assistant at Imperial College London, UK (48 hours, English)

  • [Topic] Coding a Compiler in Java [Lecturer] Dr. Mark J. Wheelhouse

[Level] 2nd year Bachelor in Computer Science

[Tasks] Interactive code reviews with students, marking and feedback

  • [Topic] Programming (Java) [Lecturer] Drs. A. Donaldson & A. Filieri

[Level] 1st year Bachelor in Computer Science

[Tasks] Exam supervision.


Teaching Assistant at Université de Namur, Belgium (500+ hours, French)

  • [Topic] Theory of Programming Languages: Syntax and Semantics

[Lecturer] Pr. Pierre-Yves Schobbens [Level] 3rd year Bachelor in Computer Science

[Audience] Day (∼ 40 young students/class) and evening class (∼ 60 older students/class)

[Tasks] During fours years, I have:

  • co-supervised 8 projects (students coding a compiler in C) (4 years×2 classes)

  • taught seminars for 240 hours (4 years × 2 classes × 30 hours) in French

  • written (from scratch) and published a textbook (163 pages)

  • evaluated students (write exam questions, mark papers, give oral exams and feedback for the project, be a member of the class deliberation jury)

  • used intensively the Claroline online learning management system

  • worked to improve continuously my teaching approach and materials

  • Jury member for 9 Master Theses in Computer Science

  • Invited Lecture about Automatic Software Testing (2 hours) (2014)

[Lecturer] Pr. Anthony Clève [Level] 2nd year Master in Computer Science

  • Co-supervising of a Master Thesis in Computer Science (2011)

”Building Decision Trees Adapted to Quantitative Attributes and Asymmetry”

Arnaud Elias, September 19, 2011 (main supervisor: Pr. Wim Vanhoof)