• Twitter in Academia: Why You Need It and How to Use It

A tutorial to raise awareness and introduce basic concepts about using Twitter in (CS) academia

SLIDES / Medium talk (35 min) at our internal Binsec team seminar (December 2020, Paris, France)

  • Compiler Fuzzing: How Much Does It Matter?

A rigorous empirical study of the impact of miscompilation bugs in a mature compiler, comparing bugs found using a fuzzer to bugs found while compiling real code.

YOUTUBE / SLIDES / Long talk (50 min) at PAPERS WE LOVE LONDON (January 2020, London, UK)

YOUTUBE / SLIDES / Short talk (20 min) at SPLASH/OOPSLA'19 (October 2019, Athens, Greece)

  • Why Software Is Unreliable and How To Improve It

An outreach talk about software reliability

SLIDES / Short talk (20 min) at London Interdisciplinary Social Science Workshop (, February 2019, London, UK)


A scalable, sound and unifed technique able to detect infeasible, duplicate and subsumed test objectives, for a wide panel of white-box testing criteria.

SLIDES / Short talk (20 min) at ICSE'18 (June 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden)

A formal language to encode test input generation objectives in a way both generic and amenable to efficient test automation.

SLIDES / Short theory talk (20 min) at ICST'17 (March 2017, Tokyo, Japan)

SLIDES / Short tooling talk (20 min) at ICST'17 (March 2017, Tokyo, Japan)


An approach to automatically generate tests inputs for Java programs with embedded SQL statements.

SLIDES / Short prospective talk (20 min) at ICSE/CSTVA'14 (May 2014, Hyderabad, India)

SLIDES / Short talk (20 min) at SCAM'13 (September 2013, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)