Training at metro is made up of a sophisticated structure that enhances player development. Players' netball skills are developed by fostering an analytical approach to the fundamental skills of the game via a theme based approach per training session. These training themes not only encompass the systematic approach to our set plays but also include information about the game itself.

Players are also taken through various Strength & Conditioning drills to enhance catching, throwing and landing.


This season, coaches have constructed a theme approach for each training session where each session will enhance the set plays that the players have learnt in the Autumn Season. Click here to download the theme approach training program for this season.

As you can see, it is imperative that players attend all training sessions to benefit from the continued learning approach in our sessions. Each of the match-play sessions are also themed. For example, one on one defence, baseline passing and zone defence which are applications of the sessions leading up to the match play sessions.

Each session is also complemented with the addition of Strength & Conditioning. Players will be tested this season and then given feedback on ways to improve their Power, Agility and Core Strength. They will then be re-tested later in the season. Players this season will also be given three areas that they need to work on. These areas of their game will be monitored by the coaches to ensure that all is being done to enhance their netball development.

Failure to attend training sessions will reduce court time. We have provided training dates well in advance and have taken into consideration, long weekends and holidays. For further information, please contact Ferruccio on 0409 638 761.