1.1 All players are expected to attend all training sessions and all scheduled matches. Non-attendance to training may impinge on court time.

1.2 If a player cannot attend a training session, they must add this to availabilities on Team App with the reason. Players who are unwell are advised to not attend training. Players who cannot play a particular round are asked to add this to availabilities on Team App. If this notification is less than 48 hours prior to a match, players must contact their coach as well.

1.3 Injured players are still expected to attend training sessions and matches. Players returning to training and matches must produce some certification by their GP or Physiotherapist that they are fit to return to playing/training.

1.4 Players missing continuous training sessions and/or matches may be relegated to another team or may not be offered a place in a team until training and/or match attendance improves.


1. Players are responsible for their spectators attending matches and training. Spectators are not to interfere with coaching instructions at matches or at training.

2. Spectators should always be positive and refrain from making comments about players.


Any player or spectator partaking in any material and/or comments on any platform that is obscene, defamatory, threatening, harrassing, discriminatory, brand-basing, hateful, disparaging or unfavourable about the club and/or about any other member of the club will be removed from the club immediately.


As of 1 January 2019, all players contracted to the metro Revellers Netball Club will not be allowed to play for a second club/team. Players wishing to play a second or third game at metro are asked to discuss this with their coach.


As of 1 January 2019, all players are required to wear the official metro uniform at training and at matches. Outer garments must be club apparel only.


1. Coaches are responsible for their own coaching accreditation and must update this on mynetball.

2. All coaches must have a Working with Children's Check.


1. Each player is responsible for checking Team App for training and match times.

2. Each player is responsible for ensuring that their fees are paid on time. Reminders will be sent after 1 month for late fees, however, fees later than 1 month will incur a late fee and a debt collector may be commissioned to collect the fees and any further incurred administrative fees.

8. ATTENDANCE to presentation events

All players are expected to attend presentation nights at the end of each season.

9. Clearance from metro during the year

Players requesting to leave from metro to play for another club that requires a clearance must notify the club by the date given towards the end of the Autumn Season. Clearances after this date may incur an administrative fee.

10. Commitment to play in the next season

Players wishing to continue to play in the next season must pay a deposit to officially lock in their place. Failure to do so will result in another player being offered their place. Deposits will be requested via invoice after selections/tryouts have taken place. Deposits are non-refundable.

11. Umpires

Click here for Umpire Policies.