Umpire Policies

1. Umpires must never be referred to by their name.

2. An umpire's decision is final and must not be disputed.

3. Coaches must be a positive role model to their players. Coaches are not to call out from the sideline regarding a decision made by an umpire. This also includes remonstrations such as hands up in the air. The club is also responsible for their spectators and this policy also includes parents and friends.

4. The captain of a team may approach the umpires at any break to ask for an explanation for a particular call.

5. In the event that a coach or club administrator has an issue with an umpire, they must refer their grievance with the umpire/court supervisor. Umpires must not be questioned by a coach or club official directly.

6. At the end of a match, umpires must always be thanked. (Without umpires, there would be no match). Coaches are encouraged to remind their players to thank umpires after a match as well.

7. All umpires must maintain their Umpiring Accreditation. This includes attending courses and accepting recommendations from Court Supervisors and Umpire advisory panels.

8. All umpires must be confidential when receiving advice if pertaining to a particular club.

9. All umpires must dress accordingly for all officiating matches. This includes club practice matches and Tournaments.

10. The umpire co-ordinator will provide a roster of umpires monthly and ensure that a proper rotation of umpires are used in all divisions per competition.

11. As a member of the Metro Revellers Netball Club, all coaches, administrators, players and spectators will abide by the above policies.