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To All METIS Planner Users - It is with great sadness that we need to inform all of our users that effective April 14, 2020, METIS Planner is ending all operations and will not be producing any future editions of the METIS Planner.

In order to support all existing customers and to ensure access to all supplemental downloadable content for purchased 2019-2020 planners, this website will remain active through April 1, 2021.

We thank all of our customers for their support and encouragement over the past few years,

Sarah and Harvey

The METIS Planner is a complete printed planner system that allows busy professionals and active students to uniquely plan, allocate time, and reflect on everything they have to do!

The METIS Planner is unsurpassed in its design to help users find the time to do what needs to be done ...

The METIS Planner

is the first

printed planner


Active Integrated

Time Boxing™

Step 1:

Identify all of your To Do’s and note any due dates.

Step 2:

Address simple and quick tasks and mark them as completed.

Time Boxing is a time management technique where a fixed time period, called a time box, is allocated for a specific activity. By integrating the tracking of To Do items directly in a user's daily schedule, the METIS Planner provides an ideal solution for managing one or more To Do lists while utilizing a Time Boxing approach. The flexible design of the METIS Planner allows users to selectively determine the duration of any time box.

Active Integrated Time Boxing is a Trademark of METIS Planner

Step 3:

For the remaining tasks, prioritize the critical few and estimate the time required.

Then, mark these tasks as scheduled.

Step 4:

For the To Do tasks that have been marked as “scheduled,” block out the estimated time in your daily calendar.

Then, track progress and allocate additional time as required.

The METIS Planner is now Available in Two Editions ...

METIS Planner: Academic Edition

The METIS Planner Academic Edition is perfect for students and teachers. The 2019-2020 version runs from August 2019 through August 2020* and is organized into three Semesters: Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020.

*To get started right away, all registered users also have access to a print at home June 2019-August 2019 planner supplement.

METIS Planner: Business and Home Edition

The METIS Planner Business and Home Edition is ideal for organizing both your professional and home life. The 2020 version runs from January 2020 through December 2020* and is organized into four quarters.

*To get started right away, all registered users also have access to both print at home Q3'19 (July 2019 through September 2019) and Q4'19 (October 2019 through December 2019) planner supplements.

The METIS Planner

is your solution

to do what you need to do

so that you have the time

to do what you want to do

The METIS Planner is a comprehensive printed planner that allows you to organize your schedule and all of your to do's.

Uniquely designed pages allow you to plan by week, plan by month and plan by semester or plan by quarter.

Additional sections and optional downloads make the METIS Planner a complete planning system for all users!

Plan By Week ...

Your Week Your Way ...

Keeping it Focused

Keeping it Fun

Plan By Month ...

View Each Month at a Glance*

*The METIS Planner Academic Edition and the METIS Planner Business and Home Edition are both available with monthly views using either a Monday to Sunday week or a Sunday to Saturday week.

Track Monthly Goals and Tasks

Look Back

Look Forward

Plan By Semester or Plan By Quarter ...

Plan Key Activities for Each Semester*

*Available in the Academic Edition

Plan Key Activities for Each Quarter*

*Available in the Business and Home Edition

View a Typical Week for each Semester or Each Quarter

With the METIS Planner, you will never lose track of a critical task!

The METIS Planner allows you to structure and organize all of your short term and long term to do's.

More Than Just Schedules and To Do's

The METIS Planner is also a place to reflect and to dream. The full METIS Planner also includes:

  • Special Occasions Planner
  • Concept/Ideas
  • BIG To Do’s
  • Little To Do’s
  • Vision Board
  • Three Year Planning View
  • Open Concept Notes for each Semester or Quarter
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The METIS Planner is a Complete System

With each METIS planner purchase, you also get FREE access to a comprehensive set of supplemental downloadable content that you can print and utilize to customize your planning system to fit your individual needs. Downloads include:

  • Professional Business Tools
  • Additional To Do and Project Planning Tools
  • Academic Helpers
  • Financial Helpers
  • Tools for Teachers
  • College Internship and Job Helpers
  • Goal Trackers
  • Life’s Little Helpers
  • 4-Year Undergrad Course Schedule Planning Tools
  • Grad School Planning Tools

10 Categories of Free Printables

Over 180 Individual Downloadables

10 Additional Styles of To Do Tracking Pages

A Complete Lesson Plan, Log Book, and Grade Book System Perfect for Any Teacher

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Should You Buy The METIS Planner?

The METIS Planner is for You if ...

You Should Skip the METIS Planner if ...

You sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of your scheduled activities and your never ending lists of things to do.

The METIS Planner is designed to help you tame your to do lists so that you can do what needs to be done so that you have the time to do what you want to do.

You have no scheduled activities. You never have any items to add to a to do list.

While the blank pages of the METIS Planner are a beautiful example of minimalist graphic design and would make a gorgeous coffee table book, a photography focused book would likely be a better choice.

You are a busy professional looking to get an edge in the work place.

The METIS Planner includes a collection of tools designed to help you stay organized on the job. The Personal Agenda downloadable will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of any planned or impromptu meeting. And the Performance Review Tracker will allow you to stay focused on long term goals and capture key accomplishments.

You plan on participating in the colonization of Mars on or before 2020.

The METIS Planner is based on 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. Unfortunately, a day on Mars is 24 hours and 37 minutes and one Mars year is 687 Earth days long. Please contact customer support if you would like to commission a METIS Planner MARS Edition.

You are an active student juggling classes, work, and extracurricular activities.

The METIS Planner includes a wide range of Academic and Job/Internship focused tools so that you never lose track of an important assignment.

The 4-Year College Planning tool could easily save you an extra semester or two by ensuring that you have a workable and flexible plan to complete all required courses.

The collection of Grad School prep tools allow you to plan ahead to maximize your options for attending Law School, Medical School, or pursue any post graduate degree.

You are a theoretical physicist working on a quantum computer and have successfully reversed the direction of time.

While most laws of physics make no distinction between the future and the past and allow the arrow of time to be multi-directional, the METIS Planner assumes time always points from the past to the future. The METIS Planner is based on the assumption that time is a precious nonrenewable resource and that organizing and managing your schedule is the best way to extract more free time from your day.

You are an Education Major beginning your student teaching or a teacher/college professor looking to get more organized.

The METIS Planner includes a comprehensive set of planning and tracking tools designed by a young teacher. These tools include:

  • Monthly Planner
  • Weekly Log Book
  • Weekly Lesson Planner
  • Grade Book and Participation Log
  • IEP and Behavioral Log Books
  • Parent/Guardian Contact Log
  • And numerous subject specific tracking tools (e.g. reading log, math log, sight word tracker, etc)

You are allergic to paper.

The METIS Planner is designed to be an analog paper based system. You may have an on-line calendar, on-line task manager, on-line budget tracker, on-line exercise log, on-line food log, on-line this and on-line that; of course there’s an app for that. But with so many diverse apps and a 5 or 6 inch screen, it’s hard to get a really good view of what your week entails. Your METIS Planner is optimized to let you see your weekly schedule and weekly to do’s all at once so nothing gets lost on another screen.

You love the feeling of checking off a completed task.

Most planners just help you plan and schedule meetings. The METIS Planner, however, is designed to help you organize long term projects, short term projects, and to make sure you allocate time to get everything done.

As you get each item done, there is ample space to place a satisfying check before relaxing or moving on to the next task.

You are anti-technology.

The METIS Planner is is a marvel of modern technology. Every printed METIS Planner is:

  • Operating system independent
  • Comes with an ultra high resolution full color capable display
  • Supports pen, pencil, and marker input devices
  • Has an infinite battery life
  • Is completely wireless
  • Can be used in both mobile and desktop modes

Printed Planner Specifications


3 MIL laminated cover

Spill proof design


Disc-based innovative binding*

Perfect lay flat design

Easily insert or remove any page

*Disc color may vary


Academic Edition: 192 Pages

Business and Home Edition: 182 Pages

24 pound bright white paper

Our Commitment to You:

100% Customer Driven

Every order is covered by our 30-day money back guarantee - no questions asked.

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of the METIS Planner, contact us at

within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your full purchase price.

We Are Here To Help

If you have any questions regarding how to best use the METIS Planner, we are just an email away.

If you have an idea for a new planning or tracking tool, we would love to hear from you.

Our small, but dedicated team would love your feedback.

Please feel free to contact us at

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All registered users have full access to all of the METIS Planner supplemental downloadables.

The ever growing collection of over 180 print at home tools will allow you to match the best tracking and planning tool for any situation.