"I wanted to tell u that the reading that u gave was at a point when I needed confirmation for what was going on in my life. You touched on four or five things with 100% accuracy....then you added some additional things that gave me understanding of why. From there you even touch on what it would mean if I changed my mind about some things. The reading was right on! Thank You" - Yvonne

"So accurate and amazing reading! I'm so glad I found you in time, you have helped me be more prepared for what is coming I'll be coming to you for my yearly reading from now on." Matthew

"Citrina (Dee) - This spread is so crazy scary that I could scream!!! Everything is clear as day and in my face for real. Now I know what to work on. Thank You!!!" Bella

"The reading I got from "Citrinea" (Dee) was spot on. Her reading aligned very nicely with the ones I have done for myself and expanded upon it. So many aspects of the reading resonated with me. I will definitely be getting more readings from her in the future!" Pam

"Thank you so much for your reading. I think I was right in feeling that yours would be the best one. I feel a lot more calm and hopeful about the future.

Thank you for the thoughtfulness and care put into it. It resonates a lot and provides good advice.

Thanks also for your sweet and kind energy.

Again, you're a real blessing. Thank you for sharing your light!

Wishing you all the Best!"


"Thank you so much for the reading. I actually faced a situation where I had to stand my ground, and your words kept playing in my head over and over again. Every bit of information in this reading was super duper helpful and I can't express my appreciation enough. Sending love, light and gratitude your way!" - Moonflower

"Thank you for the reading I received yesterday. You nailed everything....even down to the dirty fingernails of the guy I had a question about....wow!" - Dorothy

Reddit Testimonies

I give various readings on Reddit. You can see my Reddit profile by visiting Reddit.com. My username on Reddit is AstroloDee. Most of my reviews are in the psychic subreddit. Below, I have listed some of the reviews I have received from Reddit Users who received readings from me.

"Thank you Dee for the reading! I actually am wary of someone right now but I can't be too sure if it's that person. I feel that person doesn't have the best interest for me regardless of what they said......Thank you again for the wonderful reading." -A Reddit User

"Thank you so much! This made sense to me." - A Reddit User

"Thank you so much, the last card was pretty accurate....Thank you again." - A Reddit User

"Hi AstroloDee! First of all, thank you so much for the reading. It definitely resonates with me as I've been working on releasing those that do not serve me anymore." -A Reddit User

"OMG thank you so much! I really appreciate that, that was really accurate!" - A Reddit User

Thank you! It all felt relevant to what's going on at the moment. " - A Reddit User

"Thank you for the reading! I know I'd have to move........I can see why you picked up I'd feel free and out of bondage. It'd definitely make me happy so that was accurate. Thank you again! I wish you all the best." - A Reddit User

"Thank you very much! It's made me feel a little bit more positive about things. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. I wish you all the best." - A Reddit User

"I really feel like your reading made sense with my life right now. Thank you so much!" - A Reddit User

"Hi! Thank you so much. Sounds like a fun way to meet someone...and it's not the first time I've been told my future mate is an Air sign! Thank you again!" - A Reddit User

"Thank you so much for your time and consideration for doing this reading for me. It definitely resonated and its prompting me to make strategic plans in terms of finances. I greatly appreciate you giving me clarity on my issues. You're an amazing reader. Sending you good vibes....have an amazing day." - A Reddit User

"This was a great reading and really made sense to me." - A Reddit User

"Thank you for doing this. He did have an earth sign moon (Taurus) and his sun was just two degrees from being Taurus as well." - A Reddit User

"Fast and sweet response!" - A Reddit User

"Omg. Thank you so much!" - A Reddit User

"Thanks, that was a great reading! You are gifted with the tarot. All the cards had specific significance for me beyond your reading. It does give me courage to keep moving forward. Thanks, again! " A Reddit User

"Thank you Dee! You are so insightful and easy to talk to. You really understood my situation and helped talk me through it. You eased some of the worries I have been having for awhile now. I highly recommend getting a reading done, there were many times that Dee was spot on with my situation! I had a free message and a paid reading and she was great with both. If I ever am in another situation where I need some insight, I will definitely go back to her. She also suggested a spiritual path I should look into so I am excited about this new direction! Thanks again!" - A Reddit User

"Thank you, this is the first time I've done this and I have to say it was surprisingly accurate...." - A Reddit User

"Wow that was spot on...I must say it did resonate big time. 100% thank you for your reading and time......" - A Reddit User

"Wow. Thank you! That was the perfect message........." - A Reddit User

...thanks so much, this message really resonated with me, it's something I keep hearing.......and I'm only just starting to work on it. Thank again." - A Reddit User

"Thank you very much. The cards resonated deeply with my current situation and state of mind, and I took away a valuable message. God bless you." - A Reddit User

"I actually am indeed a Virgo! Amazing how you got that right. Thank you for the reading!" - A Reddit User

"Thank you for your reading. I really appreciate it! It certainly aligned with some things going on right now....." - A Reddit User

"Wow, that was so accurate! I've had nothing by good vibes from both of your readings. Thank You!" - A Reddit User

"Thank you so much for your time. You have no idea how much you have touched me as I really needed some reassurance in these hard times. Best wishes" - A Reddit User

"Your reading is clear and puts me at ease as it's what's been itching my mind! Thank you once again for the kind help and the opportunity......so I know where to go if I'll need your help again in the future" - A Reddit User

"Actually now that I think of it, I connect 100% with the reading. Thanks so much for doing this. Looking forward to the relief." - A Reddit User

"Thank you so much! It's amazing that you touched on things I've been thinking about all day today (my creativity - starting my business and the passion in my relationship). Blessed be!" - A Reddit User

"Thank you so much. You've got the gift." - A Reddit User

"You are amazing - I had to play this for my co-worker, who was equally shocked. It completely nailed exactly what we're going through right now. Unbelievable." - A Reddit User

"Thank you for the reading! It was hopeful news and has me looking forward for what's to come. I appreciate your time." - A Reddit User

"That was very accurate. Thank You!" - A Reddit User

"Thank you so much, for a short reading, it was packed with valuable info. Thank you so much, sending positive energy your way." - A Reddit User

"Your message absolutely resonated with my current state." - A Reddit User

"Thank you so much!!! That was very on point. I needed to hear those messages!" - A Reddit User

If you would like to submit a testimony, email citrineachaka@gmail.com. All testimonies are greatly appreciated!