House of Gaia....February 17th Service Topic:

Discovering Who You Are....

Come receive spiritual nourishment with our own Pat and Solomon Simmons. They will soon be opening their temple "MOTHER EARTH THE NEW WAY". Service on the seventeenth at House Of Gaia will start at 6PM.


Bellpoint Gem Show

March 22 & 23

2019 Sedona Spiritual Retreat

March 28 - April 1 (Fully Booked)

What to Expect:

+Sunrise Meditations

+Moon Circle

+Light hiking

+Rock Shopping

+Sunset Meditations

+Visit various vortex areas

+Night Sky Tour


+Medicine Wheel

+Angel Wheel

+Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

For further details, email

Update!!!!!! All Spots Have Been Taken..... send an email to be put on the waiting list in case there is a cancellation.

Past Events

Chakra Meditation

October Classes (October 10th for 5 weeks)

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LIVE Tarot Readings.....Tune In!

November 4th

8pm - 10pm

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Drum Circle

October 14, 018

11am - 1pm

Kenwood Park (Fayetteville, GA)

Come feel the power of the drums! Spiritual drum circles are a time-honored method of healing and helping others. The energy produced in drumming have a profound effect on the participants that encourages spiritual awareness. Drumming also encourages community, connecting us to one another through the rhythm of the beat. Drumming together, changes our relationships with each other and helps us cope with life. Energy is transfer from the beating of the drums that produces a natural high that must be experience to be believed. Please bring seats and blankets and personal refreshments.

LIVE Tarot Readings.....Tune In!

October 7th

8pm - 10pm

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Picnic & Meditation in the Park

October 5, 2018 11:30am

We will meet, eat & meditate. It is a great way to de-stress and unwind before the weekend!

Email for location

$10 Tuesday Tarot Readings

(8pm-11pm EST)

September 11

To participate, email your questions (up to 3 questions) and make payment. You will receive the video reading by September 11th. Deadline to submit questions is September 10th@ 4pm EST.

House of Gaia Grand Opening

September 9th


Email for more information.