Astrology Classes

"We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don't believe in Miracles?"

If you have thought to yourself that the planets affect us on are right! Not only are you right, but you are AWAKE. You know that there is more to life than what we see on a day-to-day basis!

The following courses will help you as you continue your journey to connect the dots of astrology.

Upon the completion of "Astrology Course: Basics Through Natal Chart", you will be able to cast natal charts using an ephemeris. An ephemeris is a required book for this class. We will not be using online software because although it is easy to cast your chart online, using online tools does not teach you about the charts. This is why you will manually cast your own chart without the aid of the internet. When you manually cast your chart, you get a better understanding of the planets, zodiac signs and houses.

Basics through Casting Natal Chart

This is a course that will teach you about the relationship of the planets, zodiac signs and houses. It is composed of three modules (Modules 101, 102 & 103). Because of the amount of information you will learn, this is a 3-month course. You will have access to a private Facebook group.

Required Book: Ephemeris



Starting in April 2019, the class will be offered as a self-paced class....the class will be moved to a private Facebook group.

...................$100.........Purchase Course

Creating Your Personal Monthly Horoscope (Chart)

In this course, we will look at the monthly transits and interpret aspects they make to your natal chart. Having this knowledge will enable you to cast your own horoscope. Using the same techniques that astrologers use for writing publicized horoscopes, you will be able to predict the best days for you to plan for certain events in your life. We will meet in-person and/or Google Hangout at least once per month.

Required Book: Ephemeris

Prerequisite: Thorough Knowledge of the relationship between the planets, zodiac signs and astrological houses.


4/15/19 to 7/19/19

Book by March 15th of 2019.....$130......Purchase Course

After March 15th.....$180......Purchase Course


9/9/19 to 12/13/19

Book by August 15 ....................$130......Purchase Course

After August 15.........................$180.......Purchase Course

*Additional dates are being considered