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Congratulations to the new 2019-2020 board

President: Emily Grieff

Vice-President: Erin McDonald

Treasurer: Jennifer Rock

Events: Lisa Stein

Fundraising: Jake White

Communications: Karen Stine and Kim Miller

Parent-Teacher Liaison: Heather Wade


Emily Grieff

Evelyn: 3rd gradeEleanor: 1st grade

Vice President:

Erin McDonald

Maggie: 4th grade


Jennifer Rock

Brody: 4th gradeKate: Montessori Pre-K


Lisa Stein

Lucy: 4th gradeLily: 2nd grade


Jake White

Braxton: 1st gradeBrayden: 1st gradeAinsley: 1st grade


Karen Stine

Sienna: 2nd grade


Kim Miller

Kellen: 1st grade

Parent-Teacher Liaison:

Heather Wade

Emily: 6th grade