Welcome to MedTech

MedTech is one of the three academies established in the San Diego's school of Science and Technology, based on learning the principles of medicine. Every year students take a different course fulfilling their science requirement for graduation. SciTech is one of only two schools in San Diego Unified School District that offer Biomedical Sciences curriculum by the award-winning Project Lead the Way. In these courses, students are giving the opportunity to work on biomedical concepts in project based, hands-on learning. Students who are interested int a career in the medical field are given the opportunity to see what it is like for professionals in their desired postitions.

Thanks to this amazing program and academy coordinators, I now know what I am passionate about, there are so many careers to choose from but having the information this academy has provided me with I am now certain I want a career in medicine. There is no other program I would recommend for someone struggling with what they want to pursue. There are so many opportunities that provided at zero cost to the student. all students are aware of their responsibilities and what is at stake if they don't follow through. Luckily, our teachers provide the best support for whatever concern or problem you may have.

-MedTech VP 2019