Our Expertise

Why Partner with MECB ?

MECB Ltd has several years experience in successfully commencing and completing EU Projects, meaning we are fully aware of how such projects practically work with a mix of partners having different cultural backgrounds and also, how to ensure that high quality scientific deliverables/outputs are generated within EU project financial guidelines and within agreed project deadlines;

MECB has for several years provided its expertise to effectively contribute to technical projects, in managing Work Packges, in delivering high-quality deliverables, forming part of Project Steering Committees and in hosting effective and joyful partner meetings.

MECB's professional status is reflected by the fact that it has been accepted as a Member of the EU Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition, for contributions it makes to the development and takeup of digital technologies.

> MECB has a pool of staff members all experienced in EU projects, with a number of them qualified to MSc and PhD level;

> MECB has experience delivering project outputs of high quality and on time;

> MECB can help in setting up a test bed in Malta for your project deliverables;

> MECB has its own e-Learning Management System (LMS) that can be used in different ways in EU projects;

> MECB has very good links with Higher Education Establishments in Malta;

> MECB is a member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry;

> MECB Ltd has good dissemination channels thoughout Europe;

> MECB Ltd is experienced in hosting effective yet socially attractive project meetings on the Mediterranean island of n Malta;

What Multidisciplinary Expertise Can MECB Offer to Your Projects?

MECB has both in-house and direct access to a range of technical expertise to ensure the generation of high quality project deliverable in a number of domains. This expertise includes:

> Innovation Management & Creativity

> Virtual & Augmented Reality

> Product Design & Development

> Design & Emotions, Industrial Design

> Sustainable Development & Eco Innovation

> Circular Economy & Life Cycle Design

> Energy Efficiency

> Renewable Energies

> Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Factories of the Future

> Production Technologies & Lean Manufacturing

> Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

> Robotics & Industrial Automation

> Science Popularisation & Promotion

> Research Outreach Mechanisms

> Science Education & Communication

> Gender Equality in Research & Innovation

> Computer Aided Design (CAD)

> Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

> 3D modelling & Rendering,

> Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

> Artificial Intelligence

> Knowledge Based Systems (KBS)

> Knowledge Structuring & Modelling

> Knowledge Transfer, e-Learning & m-Learning

> Business & Technology,

> Entrepreneurship

> S&T Foresight Exercises, SWOT Analysis

> Evaluation and Impact Assessment exercises

> European & International Cooperation activities

Need our EU PIC Number?

> If you would like us to form part of your proposal, please take note that our validated PIC Number is 985 770 358.