Manchester Social Economy Alliance. 

Who are we?

We are a group of organisations in Manchester from the social economy. The social economy is made up of those organisations who reinvest their profits or financial surplus to achieve a social or environmental mission. 

This means organisations like: social enterprises, credit unions, trading charities, co-operatives, community benefit societies and community businesses. Click here for examples of social economy organisations in Manchester.

We are an 'Alliance', which means a group of organisations working together on a shared goal.  

What do we want?

There are hundreds of social economy organisations in Manchester doing amazing work, from social enterprise cafes to our credit unions. There are also a number of organisations supporting social economy organisations in different parts of Manchester.

However there is no group representing, celebrating and supporting the social economy across Manchester. So the Manchester Social Economy Alliance was founded as a place for all social economy organisations in Manchester to work together and strengthen our individual organisations, and the social economy as a whole.  Click here to read more about our aims.

Ultimately, the reason we want to support the social economy is because a strong social economy can help us build a better economy in Manchester, where wealth and opportunity are shared more fairly across the city.  Click here to read more about how a strong social economy helps to build a better economy for the people of Manchester.

Join in!

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