Marina Bay Neighbors
1st Wednesday West Contra Costa EmComm Net

Emergency Communication Advice for Marina Bay Neighbors
(with Assigned GMRS/FRS channels for Marina Bay Communities)

The goal of the 1st Wednesday EmComm Net at 11:00 is to improve West Contra Costa neighborhoods’ ability to integrate ham, GMRS and FRS radio communication in emergencies. The use of radios permits communication even when electrical and telephone infrastructures are compromised or out of commission.

The net begins on the first Wednesday of each month shortly after the 11 a.m. Community Warning System siren test finishes.

The net has participation from many places in Richmond as well as from other communities in the East Bay. We welcome all who are interested in practicing radio communication for emergency response.

In January we entered the 3rd year of the 1st Wednesday EmComm net. Have a look at the current roster (as of 02 June 2021), with a total of over 100 participants from neighborhoods in Richmond and across the East Bay.

We are introducing a new method to better track the equipment used in participants' neighborhoods. Please complete this Google form and resubmit it whenever you change your radio, your antenna or your location. Thanks very much.

Buying a GMRS hand-held radio

Knowing which GMRS radio to buy is a potentially confusing process. To help with this, Jay Fenton (WRAP287) has created a buyer's guide to GMRS radios. In addition, Jay has summarized a group of features of GMRS radios and put this in a side-by-side table.

Summary 2021 GMRS Buyer's Guide

Comparison of GMRS Handheld Radios as of September 2021

Getting your GMRS License

Getting your GMRS license can prove to be a confusing process, as well. Here is a link to a website that provides a nice roadmap to your license. The cost will be dropping soon (from $70 to $35), but the FCC has not yet put it into effect. We'll keep you updated here.

If you prefer, we've extracted the information in that website and placed it into a PDF file.