Hi! I am Mazi Jalaal. I study fluids or solids, living or non-living, and things in between for life.

News, Updates, Seminars & talks

I will be joining the Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam as an Assistant Professor in January 2021!

This website will be archived in the next few months.

The new website: fluidlab.nl


  • Our Paper on Physics of Bioluminescence is now at at PRL:

paper : https://journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.028102

News Cover :

Physics, PhysORG, Physics Today, ChemistryWorld, PhysicsWorld, AAAS,

Cambridge Uni, FYFD, My Science, Yahoo, IFLS, Cosmos Magazine

SPIEGEL (in German), Notizie Scientifiche (in Italiana), Futura Sciences (in French), RIA (in Russian)

and my interview with the Dutch BNR channel (mostly in Dutch)

  • Officially a Wellcome Trust Interdisciplinary Fellow :)

  • Interview with the Naked Scientists on Science of Custard :D now out HERE.

  • Selected for the Smart Imaging for Development Sandpit this November.

  • Our Project OpenCM wins the Cambridge Biomaker Spirit Award! :)

  • Got the Cambridge University's Public Engagement Starter Fund 2019! yay!

  • Next Issue of JFM will feature two of my papers! #FlowingSoftMatter

  • Delighted to receive the Grant for WES 100 Violets Project for Public Engagement!

  • Received the 2nd Round Grant (£4K in total) from Biomaker for our project: openCM!

  • FYFluidDynamics writes about my favourite high speed video! LINK

  • Received Bursary of Turing Gateway to Mathematics to attend Emerging Trends in Soft Matter at Cambridge. I will present a poster and give a talk on Active Droplets.

  • FYFD highlights our research, LINK.

  • We are on the cover of soft matter :) see it here.

  • Our recent paper on bubble in thin films is highlighted as Editor's Pick! Read it here.

  • Granted the Biomaker challenge to mix Biology and Engineering!

  • Was awarded the best presentation of the Annual European Rheology Conference 2019! Hvala vam Sloveina!

  • I now moved to Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge. I will work with Ray Goldstein (see this).


  • coming soon (after this whole covid situation gets better!)


  • will visit the Physics and GeoPhysics Department at Durham for a week, end of Feb20

  • will be at Max-Planck Centre Meeting for Complex Fluid Dynamics, Feb20, in Mainz.

  • I will give an invited talk on capillarity of soft matters at Axi-Marseille, early April.

  • November 21st, first time in Stanford to talk about Viscoplasticity and Capillarity.

  • I will be visiting Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD on 19th and 20th. Very much looking forward for the talk and discussion on biophysics.

  • Will give a talk at University of California at Los Angeles on 18th of November.

  • APS-DFD in Seattle?! Yes Please! I will present a talk on Light Production in Cells, while Vatsal presents our work on 3-phase moving contact line.

  • November 11th, I will give a talk on Small Scale Geophysics! at DAMTP :)

  • October 30th, I will give a talk at Durham University on Printing Ultra Soft Matters.

  • I will give a talk in VPF8 on elasto-viscoplasticity of colloidal suspensions.

  • Will be in STOKES200 and present a poster on Contact Lines.

  • Bursary received! will give a short talk and present a poster on active droplets at 4th Edwards Symposium - Emerging Trends in Soft Matter at Newton Institute. LINK

  • I will talk about printing rheological fluids in AERC2019 in Portoroz, Slovenia. Just after me, Anselmo Preira will talk about our collaboration on water entry of soft materials.

  • I will give a talk on Laser Interaction with Complex Fluids at Magdeburg University for the series of "über Nichtlinearität und Unordnung in komplexen Systemen".

  • I was honoured to receive the Young Scientist Award at Burgers Symposium (a.k.a. Dutch Fluid Society)! Bedankt :)

  • Martin will talk about our laser-fluid interaction project at APS DFD! Also we will have a video on Oil Drop Impact!

  • This October! At Physics Department at the University of Gothenburg to give a talk and few days of collaboration with the team of Giovani!

  • Will give a talk this September 15th at DAMTP, Cambridge! Exciting :-)

  • I will be giving a talk on Droplets and thin films in Institut für Theoretische Physik at Universität Münster on June 11th.

  • On June 6th, I will present in JMBC (Dutch Fluid Meeting) on Digital Holographic Microscopy and Thin Films.

  • On May 4th, I will give a talk on Moving Contact Line in Max-Plank Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization. LINK

  • European rheology conference in Sorento! I will talk about viscoplastic water-entry. LINK

  • Max-Planck Institute general meeting from January 31 in Mainz. I will give a talk on how to sculpt droplets!

  • Physics@Veldhoven for the second time in January 23 and 24. Dutch physics at their best! LINK

  • "From active matter to complex fluids " in Nice! The first conference in 2018! I will give a talk on viscoplasticty and droplets. Also Borge to present our work on active particles in droplets. LINK

  • I will give a talk on Active Control of Spreading in the COST workshop, "Dynamics of self-organization: from colloids to biomaterials" in Barcelona. LINK

  • POF Blog on it is way! I am preparing a blog on physics of fluids. The main goal of the blog is to encourage/educate undergraduate students interested in physics to pursue their masters and phd in fluid mechanics. Interested to collaborate? Shoot me an email!

  • APS-DFD is coming again! We will present two papers on shooting viscoplastic films with laser and deforming elastic sheets in turbulence. LINK & LINK Also Detlef to present Otto LaPorte Lecture this year :) LINK

  • FLOW17 in Paris! We will have a poster presentation on impact of oil droplets on water! Journal paper on its way. LINK

  • COLA17 in Marseille! We will talk about shooting fluids, gels, and solids with high power lasers; towards 3D printing. LINK

  • Viscoplastic Workshop this year in New Zealand. Cannot wait to see all the people of that community! LINK