I am an Assistant Professor at Bocconi University and a Research Scholar at the Becker Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago.

I conduct research in behavioral and public economics, with applications to consumer policy and environmental regulation. Most of my studies use field experiments in collaboration with firms.




Buy Baits and Consumer Sophistication: Field Evidence from Large-Scale Rebate Promotions

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Last update: November 2022

Information Nudges, Subsidies, and Crowding Out of Attention: Field Evidence from Energy Efficiency Investments (with Andreas Löschel)

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Last update: September 2022

Can Self-Set Goals Encourage Resource Conservation? Field Experimental Evidence from a Smartphone App (with Andreas Löschel and Madeline Werthschulte)


Last update: July 2022

The Economics of Loyalty Programs: Evidence from a Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment (with Günter Hitsch, John List, and Katherine Wang)

Nudges vs. Taxes (with John List and Sutanuka Roy)

Willingness to Pay for Carbon Mitigation: Field Experimental Evidence from a Delivery Service