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My Objectives is to PROVE why math makes sense

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Eliminate your anxiety towards math by knowing the science and art of why it makes sense.


Middle School & High School (Common Core / Illustrative Mathematics / CPM)

Community College (College Algebra & Statistics)

Parents & Adult Learners


3 years math 1:1 tutoring with students of various grade levels.

Over 15 years in business and logistics using math to strategically build, model, design and create innovative solutions with latest technologies.


As a low-income english-learner whose parents immigrated from Mexico and first-generation college graduate in mathematics I know first hand the many challenges of mathematics. 


Despite the obstacles we must continue upward.

My Motivation

My objective is to simply flip the script into 60% to 70% score of 3 (grade level understanding) and 4 (exceeding grade level understanding) in CAASPP math assessment in just my school district to start and then the whole state before going after the whole nation. 

I have tutored for two and half years in Los Angeles and what I had achieved with my students as I have only recently learned (see below stats) was short of a miracle; statistically.  I learned from each one and everyone of my students by just simply listening and amazingly a lot of the stress and time they endured was simply a factor of not understanding or even knowing fundamental principles of Mathematics.  Very much like building a house; a concrete foundation must be laid before building its walls and roof.

I have been living in Riverside for 5 years and have come to realize that the same issues are found within the school district and further after attending LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan) meetings I have realized that the mathematical issue is far and wide an issue across the state of California.  I have failed to understand how the children are being left to fend for themselves in a future where math is just but the beginning of their vocation and/or careers. 

Indeed mathematics enables us to not just reason for the sake of making optimal decisions but also allows us to see the foolishness of arguments from those who want nothing but to scam into our pockets or take us away from our own happiness by wasting our time.

So let me help you find your way out of problems and into solutions or better yet find the optimal thinking habits of learning how to learn and be truly independent.

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