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Math Power by Imagination

Here you will find information regarding mathematics and tools to help you finish your math work faster with less stress.

Mathematics is a lot easier than most folks realize but the difficulty lies in being able to read the subtle language of patterns, numbers, and combinations.

I hope I can help demystify the math by providing the necessary concepts needed to help you succeed in any endeavor you choose.

My Motivation

I have tutored for 2.5 years in Los Angeles and have seen students who can easily save a lot of stress and time by simply understanding the principles of Mathematics; much like building a house a concrete foundation must be laid before building its walls and roof.

I have been living in Riverside for 5 years and have come to realize that the same issues are found within the school district and further after attending LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan) meetings I have realized that the mathematical issue is far and wide an issue across the state of California. I have failed to understand how the children are being left to fend for themselves in a future where math is just but the beginning of their vocation and/or careers.

Indeed mathematics enables us to not just reason for the sake of making optimal decisions but also allows us to see the foolishness of arguments from those who want nothing but to scam into our pockets or take us away from our own happiness by wasting our time.

So let me help you find your way out of problems and into solutions or better yet find the optimal thinking habits of learning how to learn and be truly independent.

Orale y Animo


"Existence is basically playful...you are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something a whole ocean is doing."

--Alan Watts