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Evidence-Based Assessment Framework for Assistive Technology:

The MPT and MATCH-ACES Assessments

 Edited by Susan A. Zapf

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What is the Matching Person & Technology Model (MPT) and Assessment Process?

The Matching Person & Technology Model emerged from dissertation research and was funded by the National Science Foundation.  The model is depicted  and described in the "Assessment Process" section of this website.  Out of the theory came an assessment process and matching person and technology measures that are used internationally and have been translated into 9 languages.


In a nutshell, the Matching Person and Technology process is a person-centered resource used to foster user engagement and guide a  person-provider team in the selection of the most appropriate assistive technology or "support solution" for that individual's functional gain and life quality.  It addresses assistive and educational technologies as well as those used in the workplace, school, and home.  It includes devices for mobility and for performing daily activities. Specialized devices for hearing loss, speech, eyesight and cognition as well as general or everyday technologies are also included.


Research shows that although a technology may appear perfect for a given need, it may be used inappropriately or even go unused when key personal preferences, psychosocial characteristics or needed environmental support are not considered. The MPT process identifies influencing factors in these domains. The use and non-use of technology as conceptualized in the Matching Person and Technology model has been validated by many researchers and authors representing the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language pathology, psychology,  rehabilitation engineering, and others.

Image: Marcia Scherer

Marcia J. Scherer, Ph.D., MPH, developed the Matching Person & Technology Model and assessment process.   She is President of the Institute for Matching Person and Technology, editor of the journal, "Disability & Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology" and co-editor of The Rehabilitation Science in Practice Series, CRC Press.  She is Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  Marcia has authored or co-authored many books, journal articles and book chapters. 



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