Stefano Bet can theach you in english

Bologna, Italia

october 2018


flauto traversiere, flauto dolce

musica da camera

teacher: Stefano Bet

place and date

Masterclass open to early flutes players of any level:

professional musicians, students, teachers, music lovers


flauto dolce rinascimentale e barocco

flauto traverso barocco, flauto classico e ottavino

flauto traverso rinascimentale

musica da camera


solo and chamber music between the XVI XVII XVIII centuries

with particular interest to the venitian music

diapason A=440,415 Hz

open to the modern flute players (lessons of early praxis)

open to other instrumentalists (winds, strings, etc.)

Some early instruments, treatises and editions will be also available for the entire duration of the lessons.


* enrollment dead line 15/09/2018 - special price until 01/09/2018 *

wellcome CV, if you like with audio sample

organization, costs, registration, logistics, hospitality:


please fill this form (https://goo.gl/forms/xhadUPGcnGwu1PSH2)