- Camps and Workshops -

Coming Soon

MAC believes the best way to develop new skills and find joy in the arts is through hands on, artistic experiences. Our workshops and camps are designed with that in mind as we strive to ensure that our community is growing, creating, and flourishing.

Check back soon for posts on our upcoming camps and workshops.

- Classes -

Coming Soon

MAC believes the best way to understand and appreciate the arts is through direct participation through the focus of hands-on programs. We believe exposure to quality art education is vital to encouraging creativity and confidence.

Soon we will offer class sessions throughout the year. Each session will last for 4-6 weeks and will offer something unique. Some classes may be offered once a year while others will be offered multiple times throughout each year. Examples of classes we may offer in the near future: Improv, poetry writing and reading, drama and performing, music and dance, set design and art. We also partner with community organizations on special events and classes.