- Who We Are -

The Martinsville Arts Council is a non-profit organization that works to provide and promote a wide variety of arts-related opportunities in Morgan County, Indiana. Through access to and engagement with the arts, our goal is to enrich lives and nurture a culture of creativity, empathy, curiosity, and connection in our community.

- History -

Our organization began in January 1979 out of a community wide effort to encourage cultural enrichment through arts programs and workshops for all ages. In that first year, the Martinsville Arts Council began programing in drama, creative arts, dance, writing, and poetry all while formalizing its status as a not-for-profit.

The Merry Mac Players came into being on October 26, 1982 as the theatrical extension of the Martinsville Arts Council. Their very first show was "You Can't Take it with You."

In August of 1983, The Reporter-Times newspaper purchased the Vandalia Station Depot and then deeded it the the Martinsville Arts Council for $1. We immediately set to work raising the needed funds and hiring out the work that would allow us to return our city's depot to its former glory. In October 1991, the Depot was named to the National Register of Historic Places and it is where the Merry MAC Players still perform today.

- Mission -

"Creating community through the arts."

- Values -


We understand that everyone in our community has a part to play and we celebrate our differences.


We value our community and strive to find ways to give voice to creative individuals.


We are dedicated to asking questions for better understanding and to make discoveries that lead to positive change.


We are committed to thinking outside of the box to help the arts in our community flourish.

- Our Team -

Executive Board

Anne Gee


Bill Pilat


Dair Grant


Jennifer Peine


Emily Davis




Assistant Treasurer


Community Outreach Lead

Zac Speer

Education Lead


Facilities Lead

Katlyn Walls

Fundraising Lead

Lyla Pierce

Hospitality Lead


Marketing Lead

Kaleb Pope

Performance Lead


Technology / Security Lead