About Me

After years of working within the City of London, I needed a change. Combining family life and a developing a holistic approach to life, I recognised I had a curious interest in how people communicate, connect and travel through life due to their own personal experiences – both positive and negative. Myself included. Most importantly, what really intrigued me was how we all process these changes.

I retrained to become a Therapeutic Counsellor. I practice using an integrative approach, ensuring I meet my client’s individual needs. In a nutshell, I blend various tools from different modalities within our client sessions. These include Person-Centred - working with what a client brings into the session. Psychodynamic - a way of understanding the influence of the past on present behaviour. Transactional Analysis - where we look at ego states as an entire system of thoughts, feelings and behaviours from which we interact with one another. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - making sense of overwhelming problems by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts. I'm also fond of Jungian theory - a way of looking at our real self. Most importantly, providing an individual therapy that absolutely works for you and enables you to feel better about life.

I have worked with clients ranging from 8 years old through to late 80's. Each client has their own story and a way of telling it, in their own time. Every single client is unique and I feel privileged supporting them by building a therapeutic relationship, developed through trust and respect.

I also work directly with Occupation Health companies and individivual businesses, providing therapeutic services to their employees.

Feelings of being stuck, unhappy, unsure, or lost often materialise within sessions. Therapeutic counselling can bring so many positive changes. It can help to feel better and happier, improve relationships, gain confidence, develop communication, experience less stress and anxiety, work through trauma, manage depression, navigate loss and achieve a better work/life balance.

My aim is to support you through discovering ways to connect to your real, authentic self. It is truly inspiring to experience the power of breaking free from a limited or censored version a client may have lived within for so many years. A life of opportunity and renewed positive self-belief beckons. Who wouldn't want that?