"Maria helped me greatly to manage and deal with my emotions and understand the difficulties I was facing were not insurmountable.
She is empathic and focused - I felt she really cared about me"
KJ Sept 2019

"I can't thank Maria enough. These sessions have made a positive effect on the way I live my life". MB Jan 2019

"You have brought the sunshine back into my life. Thank you. " KT July 2019

"To be able to share my innermost feelings with a therapist who really listens and literally walks with me through my processing, is priceless.
I will be back when I need you again"
AN Feb 2020

"I'd like to thank Maria for all her support during a difficult, personal time. She is an absolute godsend to work with, and is, without a doubt,
the same for many other people, in the way she works. Thank you."
JB July 2020

"Even after the first session with Maria, I felt peace come into my life. Every session since has been the same. She listens, she hears me - she 'get's me' in a way I've long struggled to understand myself. Working with her is transforming. I wish I'd known her sooner." LT August 2020

"It all made sense, even after a few sessions with Maria. The way I had been interpreting situations, due to challenging life experiences, had clouded my ability to live in the way I really wanted to. Maria works respectfully at my pace, gently supporting me. What she has helped me with is brilliant. Thank you." TO Nov 2020

"You came into my life when I needed you and I didn't know that at the time. Is it possible to say that you saved me?" FS Dec 2020

"How you made me feel after validating what I shared with you in our very first session has changed my perspective on moving forward
in the most positive way. Thank you.
EP March 2021

Every session with you, I find out something new about myself. It's changing the way I think about me in a very good way!
TW Aug 2021

Permission has been received from clients to publish their testimonials.