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16) Stability of receding traveling waves for a fourth order degenerate parabolic free boundary problem (with Slim Ibrahim and Nader Masmoudi)

submitted revised manuscript (2018); arXiv:1704.06596 (2018) (54 pages)

15) Non-Isothermal Fluctuation-Dissipation Relations and Brownian Thermometry (Gianmaria Falasco, M.V.G., and Klaus Kroy)

arXiv:1406.2116 (2014) (5+4 pages)

Publications in peer-reviewed journals (published or accepted)

14) Towards sample path estimates for fast-slow stochastic partial differential equations (with Christian Kuehn and Anne Pein)

European J. Appl. Math. (2018) (21 pages)

13) Variety of unsymmetric multibranched logarithmic vortex spirals (with Volker Elling)

European J. Appl. Math. (2017) (16 pages)

12) The Navier-slip thin-film equation in three dimensions: existence and uniqueness (with Mircea Petrache)

J. Differential Equations 1265 (2018) 5832-5958 (127 pages); arXiv:1710.09903 (2017) (86 pages)

11) Traveling-wave solutions for a thin-film equation relevant for the spin-coating process (with Hyeon Jeong Kim and Hans Knüpfer)

European J. Appl. Math. 29(3), 369-392 (2018) (24 pages); Preprint version on researchgate (2016) (23 pages)

10) A dynamical systems approach for the contact-line singularity in thin-film flows (with Fethi Ben Belgacem and Christian Kuehn)

Nonlinear Anal. 144 (2016) 204-235 (32 pages); arXiv:1602.02733 (36 pages)

9) Traveling wave solutions for a class of thin-film equations and Tanner‘s law (with Lorenzo Giacomelli and Felix Otto)

Nonlinearity 29 (2016) 2497-2536 (40 pages); MPI MIS Preprint 45/2015 (44 pages)

8) On the regularity for the Navier-slip thin-film equation in the perfect wetting regime

Arch. Rational Mech. Anal. (2016) 222: 1285. doi:10.1007/s00205-016-1022-y (53 pages); (2015) (40 pages)

7) Well-posedness and self-similar asymptotics for a thin-film equation

SIAM J. Math. Anal. 47(4), 2868-2902 (2015) (35 pages); Download PDF

6) Effective temperatures of hot Brownian motion (Gianmaria Falasco, M.V.G., Daniel Rings, and Klaus Kroy)

Phys. Rev. E 90, 032131 (2014) (11 pages); arXiv:1403.4040 (2014) (11 pages)

5) Well-posedness for the Navier-slip thin-film equation in the case of complete wetting (with Lorenzo Giacomelli, Hans Knüpfer, and Felix Otto)

J. Differential Equations, 257 (2014) 1, p. 15-81 (67 pages); MPI MIS Preprint 1/2014 (67 pages)

4) Regularity of source-­type solutions to the thin-­film equation with zero contact angle and mobility exponent between 3/2 and 3 (with Lorenzo Giacomelli and Felix Otto)

European J. Appl. Math., 24:735-760, 10 2013 (26 pages); MPI MIS Preprint 23/2012 (31 pages)

3) Asymptotic analysis of mode-coupling theory of active nonlinear microrheology (M.V.G. and Thomas Voigtmann)

Phys. Rev. E, Vol. 86, No. 1 (2012); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.86.011406 (16 pages); (2012) (17 pages)

2) Generalised Einstein relation for hot Brownian motion (Dipanjan Chakraborty, M.V.G., Daniel Rings, Jens Glaser, Felix Otto, Frank Cichos, and Klaus Kroy)

EPL, 96 (2011) 60009 (2011) (6 pages); arXiv:1110.3734 (2011) (6 pages)

1) Schematic models for active nonlinear microrheology (M.V.G., Igor Gazuz, Antonio Manuel Puertas, Matthias Fuchs, and Thomas Voigtmann)

Soft Matter, 7, 1390–1396 (2011) (7 pages); KOPS (2011) (7 pages)


Fethi Ben Belgacem, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Frank Cichos, Volker Elling, Gianmaria Falasco, Matthias Fuchs, Igor Gazuz, Lorenzo Giacomelli, Jens Glaser, Slim Ibrahim, Hyeon Jeong Kim, Hans Knüpfer, Klaus Kroy, Christian Kuehn, Nader Masmoudi, Felix Otto, Anne Pein, Mircea Petrache, Antonio Manuel Puertas, Daniel Rings, Thomas Voigtmann