Manuel Gnann

Starting January 2019 I am Assistant Professor (tenure track) for mathematical analysis at TU Delft. I am interested in (nonlinear) partial differential equations describing phenomena in fluid or statistical mechanics. Furthermore, I am interested in modelling with differential equations. I am treating these problems with methods from applied as well as pure mathematics. Main topics include:

  • Free boundary problems in fluid mechanics, in particular the problem of a moving contact line. This is linked to degenerate-parabolic partial differential equations. See publications [4,5,7-12,16].
  • Sample-path estimates estimates for stochastic partial differential equations. See publication [14].
  • Vortex spirals for the Euler equations. See publication [13].
  • Brownian Motion in non-equilibrium (stochastic Stokes equations with rigid-body interaction). See publications [2,6,15].
  • Non-linear integro-differential equations for glass-forming colloidal dispersions. See publications [1,3].

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