My Google Scholar profile is here. A formal CV and research statement are here.

A list of papers is below. Click through the links for an abstract, a PDF of the paper, and, where available, a slide deck of an associated talk.

My Erdos number is 3 (me -> Rakesh Vohra -> Daniel Kleitman -> Paul Erdos).

Papers in Refereed Journals

  1. Continuous Implementation with Direct Revelation Mechanisms (with Yi-Chun Chen and Manuel Mueller-Frank) (Accepted, Journal of Economic Theory)

  2. Competing Models (with Jose Luis Montiel Olea, Pietro Ortoleva and Andrea Prat) (Accepted, Quarterly Journal of Economics)

  3. Testing Alone is Insufficient (with Rahul Deb, Akhil Vohra, Rakesh Vohra) (Accepted, Review of Economic Design)

  4. (Bad) Reputation in Relational Contracting (with Rahul Deb and Matt Mitchell) (Forthcoming, Theoretical Economics)

  5. Frontiers: Algorithmic Collusion: Supra-competitive prices via independent algorithms (with Karsten Hansen and Kanishka Misra) Marketing Science, 40(1), January 2021, 1-12.

  6. Evaluating Strategic Forecasters (with Rahul Deb and Maher Said), American Economic Review, 108(10), October 2018, 3057-3103.

  7. Mental Health Stigma (with Prashant Bharadwaj and Agne Suziedelyte) , Economics Letters, 159, October 2017, 57-60.

  8. An Anti-Folk Theorem for Large Repeated Games with Imperfect Monitoring (with Aaron Roth and Jon Ullman), ACM Transactions in Economics and Computation (TEAC), 5(2), October 2016.

  9. Discrimination via Symmetric Auctions (with Rahul Deb), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 9(1), February 2017, 275-314.

  10. Social Learning with Costly Search (with Manuel Mueller-Frank), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 8(1), February 2016, 83-109.

  11. The Geometry of Revealed Preference (with Rahul Deb), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 50, January 2014, 203-207.

  12. Optimal Auctions with Financially Constrained Bidders (with Rakesh Vohra), Journal of Economic Theory, 150, March 2014, 383-425.

  13. Coarse Decision Making and Overfitting (with Nabil Al-Najjar), Journal of Economic Theory, 150, March 2014, 467-486.

  14. Optimal Dynamic Auctions and Simple Index Rules (with Rakesh Vohra), Mathematics of Operations Research, 38(4), November 2013, 682-697.

Other Publications

  1. [Economist's Note] Collusive Outcomes via Pricing Algorithms (with Karsten Hansen and Kanishka Misra), Journal of European Competition Law and Practice, 2021.

  2. Mechanism Design in Large Games: Incentives and Privacy (with Michael Kearns, Aaron Roth and Jon Ullman), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 104(5): 431-5.

  3. Mechanism Design and Privacy (with Aaron Roth), SIGecom Exchanges, 12(1), June 2013.

  4. Competition in Mechanisms, SIGecom Exchanges, 9(1), June 2010.


Fair Discounting Auctions (with Kamal Jain, Rakesh Vohra) (US Patent #7,778,869)


I am presently supported partially by a NSF- CCF grant (joint with Sampath Kannan, Aaron Roth and Rakesh Vohra) on "The Foundations of Fair Data Analysis."

I was previously supported by an NSF-ICES grant (joint with Sham Kakade, Michael Kearns and Aaron Roth) on "The Economic Foundations of Digital Privacy."


I've served on the organizing committee for- Fairness for Digital Infrastructure Workshop 2017, Texas Theory Conference 2016, New York Computer Science and Economics Day 2011 and Ad Auctions Workshop 2012.

I have served on the program committee for ACM Conference on Electronic commerce and other conferences and workshops in the sort of 'nexus area' between computer science and economics. Most recently, I am serving on the senior program committee for WINE 2021.

I've been a referee for, among others: American Economic Review, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, BE Journal of Theoretical Economics, Econometrica, Economics Bulletin, European Journal of Operations Research, Games and Economic Behavior, International Economic Review, International Journal of Game Theory, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Management Science, Mathematics of Operations Research, Operations Research, Review of Economic Studies, Theoretical Economics and Transactions on Economics and Computation.