IR 500 B1 Technology and Economic Inclusion in the Developing World - Spring 2021, Boston University

Rapid growth in the availability of affordable technology-enabled services at scale, from telemedicine for healthcare and mobile money for financial inclusion, undoubtedly offer tremendous potential for breaking barriers.


EL 446 Urban Development Policy - Fall 2013, Encore Learning

With more than 1/2 of the world's population living in cities and most of its economic progress emerging from urban clusters, what are the emerging policy challenges in using urbanization to alleviate global poverty?

EL 447 Pakistanis: An Enigma of Hope and ... Despairs? - Spring 2014, Encore Learning (co-instructor with Jamil Aafaqi and Raja Ali Saleem)

Despite billions of dollars in donor support since 2001, why is Pakistan still languishing at the bottom of international human development indicators? What are the socio-cultural, governance and institutional barriers to sustained development?

*Courses offered at Encore Learning, a non-profit organization based in Northern Virginia, offering college-level noncredit courses for continued learning for anyone over age 50.


ITRN 701 Emerging Asia: Opportunities & Complexities - Fall 2011

Teaching Assistant to Prof. Hilton Root, George Mason University

ITRN 500 Global Political Economy - Fall 2012

Teaching Assistant to Prof. Hilton Root, George Mason University

SS 447 Islam and Modernization - Fall 2005

Teaching Assistant to Prof. Khalid Zaheer, Lahore University of Management Sciences

SS 285 Community Based Learning - Fall 2006

Teaching Assistant to Prof. Rasul Bakhsh Rais, Lahore University of Management Sciences