Policy Reports

"Banking on the Belt and Road: Insights from a new global dataset of 13,427 Chinese development projects," AidData Policy Report with Bradley Parks, Brooke Russell, Joyce Jiahui Lin, Katherine Walsh, Kyra Solomon, Sheng Zhang, Thai-Binh Elston, and Seth Goodman (2021).

"Stimulating the Urban Economy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: From Infrastructure Investments to Social Welfare," Policy Note for the Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) (2021).

Challenges and Opportunities for Urban Women’s Economic Empowerment,” US Agency for International Development Research Brief with Lydia Lo at Urban Institute (2020).

Gender-Based Violence on Public Transportation: A Review of Evidence and Existing Solutions,” US Agency for International Development Research Brief with James Ladi Williams and Sara McTarnaghan at Urban Institute (2020).

Institutionalizing Urban Resilience A Midterm Monitoring and Evaluation Report of 100 Resilient Cities,” Urban Institute Research Report with Carlos Martin, Sara McTarnaghan and colleagues at Urban Institute (2019).

Flood Management and Resilience in Cities: the imperative of improving urban governance, regional coordination, private sector engagement and open data sharing,” International Growth Centre, Cities that Work Program White Paper for the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (2019).

How Climate Change and Environmental Degradation Hurts Women More Than Men in Slums of South Asia,” GROW Research Series – Policy Brief with Amit Patel, Hina Lotia, Marcia Mundt, Hyunjung Lee and Arshed Rafiq (2018).

More Data, Better Policies? Dealing with Migration Challenges of 2050,” April 2018 Global Shifts Colloquium at Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania (2018).

Private sector humanitarians? New approaches in the global refugee response,” Urban Institute Research Report with Edward Mohr and Yasemin Irvin-Erickson (2018).

Infrastructure investments and public transport use: Evidence from Lahore, Pakistan,” International Growth Centre Working Paper with Hadia Majid and Katherine Vyborny (2018).

Decentralized Local Health Services in Tanzania – Are health resources reaching primary health facilities?” Urban Institute Research Report supported by USAID/Tanzania with Jamie Boex and Luke Fuller (2015).

UNESCO Science Report: Towards 2030 – South Asia Chapter,” for UNESCO with Dilupa Nakandala (2015).

The potential for partnerships to advance Indonesia’s Leadership in International Development Cooperation,” flagship report for USAID/Indonesia and Chemonics International with Charles Cadwell (2015).