Bucket List

Things I want to accomplish before I depart for heaven

Things to accomplish

• See the Northern Lights with Jody

• One week alone with Jody on a remote lake in Alaska or Canada... no outside contact at all

• 13 year old trip with Luke - 1on1

• Trip to Europe with Jody

• Learn to fly a helicopter

• Build a retreat sanctuary for the developmentally disabled to enjoy the outdoors

• Learn to play Cello

• Travel to Tibet with Daniel

• Eat Sushi in Japan with Dustin

• Take Dustin fishing in Jackson Hole Wyoming

• Build a log cabin in the country to escape to with family and friends

• Learn how to weld

• Own a large tractor with land to use it on

• Walk Emily & Mia down the aisle to a loving, lasting, happy, Christ filled marriage

• See Daniel, Dustin, David and Luke marry into a loving, lasting, happy, Christ filled marriage

• Have loving, healthy grandchildren

• Blow the candles out on my 96th birthday cake

• Live 50 happy years with Jody

Ongoing things

• All of my children dedicate their heart, soul & actions to Jesus Christ

There is nothing of more importance

• Have all of my children believe in their heart that I'm a great Father

Trying hard every day to make this an ongoing reality in their hearts

• Commit my heart, soul and actions to Jesus Christ


• Be content and at peace

WOW... this is a hard one for me.

• Help others in all I do, always, no matter how long I live.

This is something that has become part of who I am... but I honestly have to say, it's wearing me out. I am discovering that helping people who are able, but not willing, to help themselves is a mis-use of valuable resources that could be used to help those truly in need. If you do for others what they could and should do for themselves, they will let you.

• Be physically fit

• Become a great listener

I'm getting better at this as I get older... but sometimes my mouth won't stop long enough to listen well. I'm still working on it.

Things I have already accomplished on my Bucket List

✔ Trip to Sturgis, SD for bike week.

Accomplished twice in 2003 & 2004

✔ Take kids to Disney World

Accomplished in 2005

✔ Get my pilots license

Accomplished in 2008

✔ Finish my pilots license so I can carry passengers

Accomplished in 2009

✔ Own my own airplane

Accomplished - I'm on my 3rd one

✔ Adopt our beautiful Mia from China

Accomplished - Clearly one of the most significant blessing in my life. She was clearly made for me and I was made for her)

✔ Move back to Maryland to be closer to my family

Accomplished in 2006

✔ 13 year old trip with Daniel - 1on1

Accomplished in 2004 - Went to Manhattan

✔ 13 year old trip with Dustin - 1on1

Accomplished in 2006 - Went to Disney

✔ 13 year old trip with Emily - 1on1

Accomplished in 2010 - Miami was her choice

✔ 13 year old trip with David - 1on1

Accomplished in 2015 - Manhattan was his choice

✔ 13 year old trip with Mia - 1on1

Accomplished in 2018 - Key West was her choice

✔ Own and operate my own company that provides incredible opportunities for others and exceed the expectations of my customers, team members & franchisees.

Started Team Washington in 2009... and it has, by far, exceeded my expectations.

✔ Buy a remote control airplane

Accomplished 12/27/07 - HATE IT... nothing like the real thing. Crashed after 30 seconds of flight

✔ Trip to Europe with Daniel & Dustin

Accomplished in 2012 - Fantastic memories

✔ Take Daniel to Paris

Accomplished in 2012 - Fantastic memories

✔ Eat Pizza with Dustin in Italy

Accomplished in 2012 - Fantastic memories

✔ Cross country RV trip with family

Accomplished in 2010 - What was I thinking? Horrible idea.

✔ Read and understand the constitution.

✔ Read and understand the Bill of Rights

✔ Read and understand the Declaration of Independence