Making a Mandalorian

Your beginner's step by step guide to making a Mandalorian

This guide is meant as a beginner's guide for getting started, and is in no way an exhaustive list, nor mandatory methods, vendors, etc. It is meant as a basic quick start guide for those who are new to making a Mandalorian costume.

This site is run by the Mandalorian Costuming group.

We are not affiliated with any costume club.

There are two LFL recognized Mandalorian costume clubs:

That being said, we have included some information on the the clubs, but we are not them nor we we represent them in any way. You should contact those clubs for specific and or in depth information about them.

This guide adheres to the Mission Statement of our Facebook Group: Discussion and guidance for elite Star Wars costumers of all ages to share concepts, photos and build progress to receive feedback for making canon quality Mandalorian armor costumes. Therefore we adhere mainly to canon examples and references for Mandalorians. If that is not your cup of tea, this may not be the group or guide for you.

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