From you, to me...

 "..unknown is honoured and known is neglected until all knowledge is known..."


Thanks for stopping by, mate. Myself, Maitreyo Bhattacharjee(মৈত্রেয় ভট্টাচার্য্য). This website is my homepage. I am a Junior Undergraduate BS-MS(2020-2025) student at IACS, Kolkata , in my 8th Semester, 4th year (School of Mathematics and Computational Science). Besides studies, I keep myself engrossed in Music, Books, and various ways to popularize Science and Science Education in India. Check out this webpage for information. 

Areas of Interests

 I am deeply interested in the areas of Number Theory, Special Functions, Mathematical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics and Partial Differential Equations. Recently, I have also gained interest in the fields of Integral Geometry, Quantum Chemistry, and Mathematical Physics. Besides core academics, I am also into Science Popularization and History of Science in India. Much of my leisure is spent exploring these fields.

 Places with which I am affiliated :

IACS, Kolkata


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